Between finding the perfect gift, meeting work deadlines and entertaining guests, many people may find themselves burnt out during the Christmas period. The stress and late nights can leave us looking and feeling worse for wear, which is why it is important we relax and enjoy ourselves over the break – starting with a good quality sleep.

We have all heard the term “beauty sleep” and it’s true, the fountain of youth and beauty is found in a deep, restful sleep. But what is the importance of a quality nights’ rest?

Sleep is perhaps the most important part of your beauty routine. Not only does the recommended 7-9 hours a night leave you looking radiant, but this is the optimal time our bodies need to recover and repair. As we sleep, our bodies release a human growth hormone which is essential for collagen production and repairing damaged cells. Quality sleep also gives our bodies a chance to rebalance hydration levels and recover moisture which leaves us with a plump and firm looking complexion

Getting a deep, restful sleep is important for overall health, energy and productivity during the day. Light sleep can leave you feeling unrefreshed resulting in fatigue, poor concentration and a dull complexion. When our bodies are sleep deprived, our stress hormones elevate which increases inflammation in the body. Inflammation and stress are known to break down the collagen levels in our body leading to skin irritations, brittle hair and premature ageing.

We all need our beauty sleep- it’s a proven fact, but there are numerous factors that can interfere with quality sleep, stress being the main culprit. Feeling tired will only add tension to an already stressful time of year; the key is to remain calm by taking deep breaths and allowing ‘me’ time. Although it may be hard to get adequate amounts of sleep during this time of the year, setting time aside to unwind and clear your mind is essential if you truly want to enjoy the festivities.

It is important to remember, this time of year is about spending quality time with the people you love, so before you get caught up in the stressors of the holidays, take a step back to rest so you can focus on the things that truly matter.

We believe the key to beauty is a good quality sleep. Vida Glow’s Beauty Sleep is created with key ingredients such as lemon balm and masala chai, that work together to calm the body, allowing you to drift off to a natural sleep cycle, leading to a deep, relaxed sleep without causing drowsiness.

Vida Glow’s Beauty Sleep comes in a delicious Vanilla Chai blend. It is rich in magnesium, due to a selection of bioavailable ingredients, to help alleviate stress and support relaxation of the muscles for a more restful sleep. Our Beauty Sleep is Australian certified organic, vegan friendly, non GMO, contains no fillers or nasties and tastes delicious- it’s time to sleep your way to a more beautiful you!

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