There are many common misconceptions around protein, but the truth is, we as humans (not just the body builders) all need it in our bodies in order to function properly. Protein is a fundamental building block in repairing tissue and supporting the immune system, making it an essential nutrient to consume daily.

Protein not only impacts how we feel, but it affects how we look. Many of you may not know but our hair, skin and nails are mostly made of proteins known as collagen, keratin and elastin. These are key in keeping us youthful by restoring skin elasticity, firmness and strengthening hair. Hair loss, dark under-eye circles and water retention are just some signals you may not be getting enough protein in your diet- this is why protein supplements are a great way to increase your daily intake, but what is best for our health?

With 101 different variants of protein powders on the market today, it’s important to note that not all proteins are created equal. When people think of protein they usually associate it to animal-based proteins. While they do contain high levels of protein, it is important to remember most proteins are actually derived from plants.

If you are looking to increase your protein intake from a natural, vegan and safe source, plant-based proteins may be the perfect choice for you- starting with hemp.

Why hemp? While all plant-based proteins are beneficial for your health, of all proteins in the world, hemp is the purest and most complete form available. The essential fatty acids in hemp are also highly beneficial for skin health by improving damage caused by free radicals while fighting inflammation and retaining healthy moisture levels to give us a radiant complexion. With hemp’s recent legislation in Australia, it’s the perfect time to discuss the benefits of this this super food…

Dense Nutrition: Hemp is rich in fibre, helping to slow down the release of insulin and provides a steady flow of energy. It contains all 9 essential amino acids with the perfect ratio of omega 3s and 6s and GLA, making it a nutrient-dense plant- based protein wonder! Wondering about DHA and EPA? Being rich in Magnesium (twice as much as Dark Chocolate) the ALA in hemp when digested is converted into DHA & EPA at a much higher rate than Omega 3’s in other foods.

Easily digested: Hemp is the most digestible source of protein.  Unlike whey and soy proteins that contain Oligosaccharides (a type of complex carbohydrates) known to cause gas and stomach upset, hemp is free from these making it much more relaxing for you to digest.

Eco-friendly: Hemp farming is a much more sustainable and ethical form of production. Less water is needed and farmers use little to no fertilizers and pesticides, especially in cultivating organic hemp compared to the Dairy industry. It also is an incredibly easy ingredient to add into any diet as it is vegan and paleo friendly!

While hemp is derived from the cannabis plant, don’t stress, hemp protein does not contain THC at levels that produce any psychoactive experiences- the only high you’ll experience is the great feeling caused by nourishing your body!

We believe protein is the foundation of beauty. Our all new beauty protein provides a holistic solution, with absolutely no nasties, to ensure you get nothing but the best ratios in the most digestible form. Not only will our protein help support your fitness goals, it will help you fight cellular ageing and compliment your regular beauty regime.

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