They say that beauty stems from within, and this saying couldn’t be any truer when it comes to our skin. As healthy skin plays a big part in feeling beautiful, it is often hard to feel confident if you are constantly battling breakouts.

The next time a dreaded pimple surfaces, it might be worth noting the location of your spot. You may think it’s a coincidence your breakouts are appearing in the same area of your face, but your body may actually be trying to tell you something…

We all know our skin not only reflects how we look on the outside, it is also a good indicator of our internal health. When our bodies aren’t functioning properly, it usually shows through our skin in the form of a breakout, irritation or dryness. This notion stems from traditional ancient Chinese medicine where they believe the face represents an individuals’ fortune, health and energy.

Whilst it is important to listen to your body, it can be difficult to determine exactly what our body needs- which is where face mapping comes in. Face mapping allows us to narrow down specific symptoms that may be causing imbalances in the body. It makes it easier to recognise our bodies signals and identify what our bodies need.

Here are some ways how to read your face and determine the cause of your breakouts.

  • Forehead: Bladder and Intestines

Issues experienced in this area could relate to constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and urinary tract infections.  Tips to reduce irritation on the forehead may include drinking more water, consuming less alcohol, consuming raw/ fermented foods such kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha, and chewing food well to improve digestion.

  • Ears and Temples: Kidneys

Dehydration and poor lymphatic circulation could be the causes of irritation to this area. Tips to help breakouts in this zone may include drinking more water, avoiding smoking and alcohol, eliminating sweetened and caffeinated beverages such as coffee and avoiding processed/ fast foods.

  • Between the brows: Liver and Stomach

Acne and irritation in this area may indicate the need to reduce alcohol, dairy and fatty foods. Ultimately, the liver is working too hard to remove toxins from consumption and pollution. Tips to reduce irritation in this area may include exercising regularly, having more sleep (7-8 hours is ideal) and avoiding alcohol, smoking and late nights.

  • Nose and Upper Cheek: Heart and Cardiovascular System

Indoor and outdoor air pollution, bad circulation, and high blood pressure are all related to this area of the face. Tips to reduce irritation in this zone may include increasing vitamin B intake and consuming foods that support immunity such as green tea, cayenne pepper, garlic and chlorella.

  • Right Cheek: Lungs and Respiratory System

This zone includes issues related to sinuses and allergies, pollution, smoking and asthma. Tips to reduce symptoms in this area may include detoxifying the body through drinking lemon water, drinking lots or green juices, changing pillow cases, cleaning mobile phones regularly and avoiding junk/ processed foods.

  • Left Cheek: Liver and Stomach

Exposure to air pollution, gum issues, dental health or inflammation in the mouth are symptoms relating to this zone. Tips to reduce symptoms in this area may include avoiding overeating, maintaining a normal daily routine and keeping positive by practising relaxation and meditation.

  • Mouth and Lip Area: Endocrine System

Breakouts in this zone are associated with hormonal imbalances. Menstrual problems or increased stress levels will worsen the problematic areas. Tips to reduce breakouts in this zone may include consuming high fibre foods such as fresh fruit and leafy vegetables, avoiding spicy or fried foods and considering food sensitivities/ intolerances.

  • Jawline and Chin: Stomach, Kidney and Reproductive Organs

Irritation in this zone is associated with the digestive system. Consuming too much fat and sugar can worsen problems in this area. Tips to reduce irritation in this zone may include introducing fibrous foods such as chia, aloe vera, fruit and vegetables, and maintaining a balanced diet to improve stomach health.

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Remember- beauty is all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin, so don’t let your own skin health get in the way of how you feel.