Get Your Body Back

Have the holiday celebrations left you feeling burnt out, sluggish and bloated? Too much champagne and sugar left a mark on your skin, energy and mental clarity? – Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The new year has begun, so now is the perfect time to get your body back on the road to recovery so we can achieve that inner glow we once had.

The importance of recovery in our busy daily lives is often overlooked. Many don’t realise for our mind and body to properly function, recovery and rest are just as important as a healthy diet. Whilst we all want to kick start our new year’s resolutions right away by hitting the gym, it is important to remember recovery is the first step to avoid the post-holiday burnout.

Recovery is imperative for performance as it allows the body to adapt to stress and helps with repair and strengthening during times of rest. By overworking our bodies when we are not ready it can weaken our immune system, counteract the hard work at the gym and affect our mood and emotional wellbeing. By treating ourselves to some rest and bringing renewed energy to our bodies and minds, we can enter the New Year ready to make it the best one yet!

There are countless reasons why we should be including recovery and rest into our daily routine as it not only helps us internally, our appearance can improve too. Some of the many benefits of recovery and rest include weight management, prevents hair loss and signs of ageing, builds lean and tone muscles, helps increase energy, calms nerves, improves sleep and aids in digestion.

After the New Year celebrations, chances are your body will need to recover. If you are experiencing skin irritations, tiredness, stress and anxiety, have trouble sleeping and have sore, achy muscles- your body is in need of a good rest so it is important to listen to your body and not ignore the signs

The idea of “new year new you” may seem out of reach when you are not feeling your best, but don’t panic, we have made the road to recovery an easy journey with our all new Beauty Recovery. Beauty Recovery is a magnesium, protein and vitamin rich blend to support training goals and everyday electrolyte balance. It was created to work with the body to assist in the recovery process, feeding cells the essential vitamins and minerals needed to repair.

Our Beauty Recovery blend is rich in protein, the magic formula for healthy hair, skin and nails. When our bodies are suffering fatigue, stress and depletion of nutrients, beauty is first affected. Protein helps the body to naturally produce collagen as well as prevent and improve any signs of skin ageing. It is the perfect compliment to your workouts, targeting muscles, assisting them to rebuild and strengthen to help achieve a healthy lean and toned body.

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