Feed Your Intelligence

As the holiday season is well and truly upon us, there is a good chance we may lose focus and momentum at work as we try to juggle parties, shopping, traveling, planning and our workload. These added pressures and stressors can affect our focus at a time we need to be efficient. We need to remember to prioritise our focus this final working week because our mind is our tool to productivity and success.

It is important to remember we still have time to plan and prepare this week so remain calm and stay focused to avoid the brain fog that can affect our time off. A clear, positive mindset will help us perform better and be more efficient so we can truly enjoy our holidays when the time comes.

If you find it hard to manage your stress, or if you are constantly tired and have no energy, this may mean your mind is in need of some extra TLC. When we are stressed and fatigued our bodies are not able to function properly. This can take its toll on our inner and outer beauty in the form of breakouts, dull complexion, mood swings, fine and limp hair, and can even lead to psychological issues such as depression.

The power of a positive, healthy mind should not be underrated. It is the tool for optimal health, effecting how we feel and how we look. With the many demands and pressures life throws at us, especially this time of the year, this can effect our motivation and focus to perform well which can impact negatively on our mindset.  This unwanted stress, on top of our already busy schedules, can leave us feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, which is why it is times like this we may need some extra assistance.

Taking some time out to clear your mind by going for a walk, feeding your mind with nourishing foods and practising breathing exercises are good habits to get into for a healthier mindset during stressful times. The goal is to replace negative habits with positive ones, so we become the best possible version of ourselves.

So, what does a heathy mind look like?

A healthy mind is one that is focused, has clarity, wakes up in the morning refreshed and ready for a productive day. It is one that sees the good in things, rather than turning on the autopilot of negativity. A healthy mind means better memory, reduced anxiety, boosted mood and gives us a well-rounded perspective on the world.

We all know a healthy mind means a healthier body and a healthy, more beautiful you! Here at Vida Glow we have created “Beauty Mind” which aims to improve focus and clarity, reduce stress and anxiety, balance hormones and enhance mood. Beauty Mind is designed to rejuvenate the mind, allowing you to focus on a healthier lifestyle, your career, a more effective beauty routine and enjoy a productive day.

Beauty Mind is the perfect antidote to our highly competitive, switched on and often stressful daily lives, enriched with vitamin C, B6, B12 and Zinc for optimised mental stamina to help you support a positive mind to let you be the very best version of you possible.

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