This depends on what results you are looking for, and how quickly you’d like to see changes from taking our supplement.

Generally speaking though, the dosage recommendations for marine collagen are:


Perfect for those who are after a natural boost to their body’s collagen production and want to get a step ahead in maintaining their healthy hair, skin and nails.

-    1 serving a day (3g scoop or one sachet)


Aimed at those with the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles, weak nails and fine hair. Enjoy more youthful looking, clear and smooth skin – as well as added volume and shine to your hair. Also assists in strengthening splitting nails.

-    2 servings a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.


This is our Beauty Overhaul Package, for those with wrinkles, very fine hair, a dull complexion and brittle nails. Very popular with Brides or anyone who is looking for a real ‘pick me up’.

-    3 servings a day, one in the morning, one at lunch, and one in the evening.

Our convenient pre-measured 3g sachets or the loose powder scoop can be blended into your morning cereal, porridge, water, juice, or your favourite food or drink. Vida Glow's marine collagen is heat stable so can be stirred into tea or coffee.

Remember to keep Vida Glow in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, and moisture.


Since Vida Glow beauty powders are available in all new-powerful and effective formulas; each designed to focus on a different area of beauty and wellbeing this means you can choose a powder according to your wellness needs.

We have provided more information per Beauty Powder within the ‘description’ section of each Beauty Powder product page.

Add one scoop of Vida Glow Beauty Powders to one cup of water (or beverage of your choice). If substituting water for another beverage we recommend coconut water or a plant-based milk (almond, cashew, or coconut) that does not contain added refined sugars. Keep in mind this will change the nutritional profile of your drink.

Shake or blend well. You can also add it to a smoothie. This is optional as when formulating our Beauty Powders we made sure it tastes great just in water!

Vida Glow Beauty Powders are suitable for vegetarians.