We ask a Skincare Specialist All Your Burning Questions

Peta Friend is a highly sought after Dermal Therapist and Co-Owner of Will and Peta Skin Clinic in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We had several questions we’ve been wondering about for so long, so we wanted to chat with someone who lives and breathes skin health. 

Firstly, before we get into the Q & A, we have to ask about your morning routine. How do you start your day?

Every morning I start the day with a warm, not hot, face washer, this warm compress awakens my skin and removes any residue of night serums and creams. After my shower, I apply a Vitamin C Serum that protects my skin from free radicals. I always wait 7 minutes before I apply anything else to my face, allowing the Vitamin C to work and settle deep into the skin. After that, I apply a Hyaluronic Ccid serum, which plumps up my skin and seals in moisture. Then without fail, I apply my eye cream and a Daily Moisturiser. I wait for about 30 minutes and let everything sink into the skin before I apply a CC Cream, which is a colour corrector containing an SPF of 20.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Dermal Therapist who specialises in skin treatments and therapies for all skin types. I trained as a Beauty Therapist at About Face Academy in 1983 and have always had a love and fascination with the cosmetic industry. As a child, I would make scrap books filled with photos of the latest cosmetic campaigns from Max Factor, Lancôme or Estée Lauder.

I always knew that one day I would work in that industry. Now, I have been in the industry for over 38 years and my passion is still as strong, if not stronger, for my chosen field.

What are some of the most prominent concerns you see from your clients?

The most prominent concern and request is for healthy and glowing skin. I never suggest anti-ageing treatments, as I prefer the term ‘age-management’. In Australia we have the worst sun damage, showing up on the skin through uneven skin tone and texture. I encourage my clients to be an active participant in their results by investing in good quality skincare and regular salon treatments.

Is it important to get facials? And if it is, how often we should get them and are they suitable for all skin types?

Facial treatments should be a part of everyone’s commitment to healthy skin. I see all ages and genders, in fact half my clients are men, and I see all age groups from school children to senior citizens. I think it’s important to get a face treatment every 4-6 weeks because that’s how often the skin renews itself. I see these treatments as a workout for the skin and should top up what you are already doing at home daily.

Makeup is something many of us can’t live without, but does it matter whether you use a $10 foundation or a $70 one? 

I personally believe that makeup is only a problem when it is left on the skin overnight, regardless if it’s a $10 or a $70 foundation. If you leave any trace of makeup on the skin at night it will build up, leading to congestion and lacklustre skin. I recommend double cleansing your skin at night firstly with an oil cleanser, which breaks down oil based products. Then use a gentle cleansing gel and really take your time to work these products into your skin. Always ensure to thoroughly remove the cleanser with cotton pads and gently rinse.

I’m not a fan of washing ones face in the shower as it can strip the skin, and I don’t like harsh scrubs or cleansers that over clean the skin. I always say if your skin feels squeaky clean after you have cleansed and washed the face, then you have stripped it from all its natural oils and disrupted the PH of the skin.

What is the most beneficial way to organise your skin routine?

The best way to organise your skin routine is to always start with gentle cleansing. Once a week, I recommend using a very gentle face exfoliant. Let the beads roll over the skin but never press or buff to hard. Masks are a great addition to a routine and can be used weekly after exfoliating. The trend at the moment is a sheet mask, which can be used daily to give your skin a boost.

If we have blemishes and blackheads, should we squeeze them? What is the right way to do it?

Blemishes and blackheads are best treated in the Skin Clinic. I continually see skin that has been damaged and sometimes scarred from squeezing, and from literally scratching at blemishes and blackheads. In the clinic we can remove blackheads and treat blemishes in a safe and sterile environment.

When should we start using night creams and eye creams?

At the onset of puberty is a good time to start a skincare routine, as gentle cleansing and the use of an AHA Serum will help keep the skin clear. Teenagers can use a very light eye fluid from an early age to prevent moisture loss, but nothing to rich as it may cause further congestion and blemishes.

Can you bust some myths for us:

1. Are face wipes suitable for a facial cleanser?

Absolutely not! I understand they are convenient, but they only wipe over the skin superficially without really cleaning the skin.

2. Are all natural or certified organic products always the best and most effective?

I don’t believe so. I think the best approach is to use science based skincare that is rich in potent and effective antioxidants.

3. Do you need to use a toner?

No, gone are the days when the skincare mantra used to be cleanse, tone, moisturise!

4. Does oily skin need to be moisturised?

Yes and no, as oily skin can still lose moisture and become dehydrated. More so in winter that oily skin would benefit from a very light-weight moisturiser, but for an excessively oily skin with that 2pm sheen then no, it’s not always necessary.

And lastly, what are your top tips which can help people to improve the health and appearance of their skin?

I believe that now more than ever we have access to the most advanced and results driven skincare ingredients available – antioxidants, AHAs, Vitamin A, peptides… The secret is to invest in the right products, preferably prescribed by a expert, and be consistent with your routine. Combine this with cutting edge salon treatments and you can achieve beautiful and healthy glowing skin!

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