Vitamin C | The Essential For Beautiful Skin

Vitamin C is and always will be a staple part of a healthy diet. As an important player to our immune and skin health, vitamin C caters to the body in more ways than we may even realise.

Our bodies cannot produce vitamin C on its own, therefore we must get it from a clean, healthy diet. Once consumed, a lot of vitamin C is stored in our skin which is why you may see lots of cosmetic companies promoting products with this ingredient in. The reason for this is that vitamin C helps the surface of our skin appear smoother and firmer by activating cells called fibroblasts that make new collagen. Collagen is the essential protein for a youthful looking appearance and is what holds our bodies together. What’s more, the vitamin may also help slow the breakdown of collagen, preserving skin’s structure. Not only that but the versatile nutrient is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues, including cuts and skin infections.

As well as being a beauty lift, vitamin C is also an important antioxidant that helps to keeps us strong and healthy. Known to help with boosting the immune system to perform certain tasks, we can rely on this nutrient to act as a barrier for common colds and infections. This is because vitamin C helps produce white blood cells in the body which we all know helps with producing antibodies that help to fight off infection.

Simply put, vitamin C is an essential to your skincare regimen which is why we have added it to our Marine Collagen Range with fruits naturally high in vitamin C. By adding just one sachet into a glass of water everyday, you can ensure your skin will reap the benefits of this powerful nutrient.

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