Vida Glow Talks With Celebrity Facialist, Melanie Grant

Melanie Grant is one of Australia’s most in demand facialists. With a plethora of celebrities walking into her clinic every year (Nicole Trunfio, Lara Worthington and Phoebe Tonkin to name but a few) she is now the skin care expert for Chanel. Melanie knows that sleep and collagen are essential requirements for beautiful skin and are the foundation to any skincare routine. Vida Glow were delighted to sit down with the woman of the moment to talk to her about all things skin and why she is a fan of Vida Glow Beauty Sleep.

VG: Melanie, we are delighted to chat to you at Vida Glow. As a fellow advocate for skin health, please tell us why you wanted to focus on skin as a career?

MG: Treating skin has always been my true calling, it’s the only career path I’ve ever pursued. I believe that treating skin is a multi-dimensional experience where human connection is key – and it’s a wonderful way to meet fascinating people the world over. It’s always rewarding and no two days are ever the same.

VG: What skin issues do you see often in your clinic?

MG: We treat an incredibly diverse range of concerns ranging from pigmentation and scaring to dullness, congestion, laxity and dehydration.

VG: We believe that sleep is perhaps the most important part of a beauty routine, would you agree?

MG: Of course! Sleep is so important for your skin, it’s when your body devotes it’s time to healing, repairing and regenerating. It’s one of the best things you can do for your complexion – the ultimate priceless facial treatment.

VG: What do you do to keep your skin glowing from the inside out?

MG: I’m by no means a nutritionist but I do believe in following an anti-inflammatory diet founded on lots of colourful organic vegetables, rich in good fats and clean protein like wild caught fish, nuts and seeds.

VG: We heard that you love taking our collagen just as much as us, what benefits do you get from taking collagen?

MG: I take collagen for gut health as I do believe that skin health begins within. You can see the healing, firming effects it has on the skin almost immediately after incorporating it into your diet daily.

VG: It’s wonderful to see a huge following for your facials, why do you believe this is?

I created Melanie Grant Skin Health because I, myself wanted a space that I would choose to visit as a client. At the time, the kind of place who could care for my skin, in the way I would with a focus on great results in the short-term and great skin health in the long-term, simply didn’t exist. Our clinics are designed as places that truly have the clients best interests at heart and I’m so grateful for the loyalty I’ve been given in return.

VG: As winter is now upon us, what extra precautions shall we take to look after our skin?

MG: It may sound repetitive, but always remain as diligent with your SPF during the winter months as you are over the summer. I do find a lot of clients don’t feel the need for suncare from May to August, but the sun is just as harsh during this period. That, and drink plenty of water too!

VG: What is the main piece of advice anyone has ever given you about taking care of your skin?

MG: Prevention is key. That and that carrying out a home regime doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. It’s not always about having a thousand products – there’s power in simplicity. Ensuring you are using just a couple of really good, potent formulations that are best suited to your unique skin needs will yield incredible results.

VG: Tell us why do you use Vida Glow Beauty Sleep?

MG: It’s so delicious. I love a warming cup of chai in the evenings and Vida Glow Beauty Sleep is reminiscent of just that. I’ve always been an advocate for calming herbs like valerian root and lemon balm too. They really help lull you into a peaceful, restorative sleep.

VG: Lastly, what is the one thing you do everyday without fail to look after your skin?

MG:Cleanse, use SPF and drink plenty of water with lemon and cucumber to flush out the toxins from foods such as coffee and alcohol.

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