At Vida Glow, we see each day as an opportunity to be the best version of yourself in life, mind and body through our powerful Beauty Powders. Beauty Mind in particular, has been created on the basis that a healthy mind is a healthy life. It is a powerful blend of ingredients that have been specifically chosen because they help with improving focus, clarity, regulating hormones and reducing stress, perfect for the working woman.

Alison Morgan, founder of Relauncher knows that focus is key to creating successful businesses. Now considered to be one of Australia’s leading business coaches, Alison specialises in providing tailored business solutions for both online and offline businesses. Understanding that being focused is the key to being successful in today’s working environment, Alison also adds mindfulness to her day to cultivate an ongoing positive mindset and to be grateful for all that she has. We spoke to Alison about how Beauty Mind is essential for her daily routine, how she juggles being a working mum and how she became so successful in her business.

VG: Alison, tell us about your business in a nutshell and what inspired you to start it?

AM: I’m a Business Coach, specialising in helping small business owners set, grow and evolve their businesses. Clients I work with range from start ups, through to well established businesses which have been in operation for ten plus years. I started when I had my two boys, it was the perfect time to create a flexible lifestyle through launching my business which was seven years ago now.

VG: What does success mean to you?

AM: Success is meeting my original intention for starting my business. That is, creating a flexible lifestyle. Being there for my boys, organising the household whilst earning an income doing something I love.

Stopping to recognise that work is taking over is extremely important. Making relevant adjustments is key. I often have to do this as it’s a constant juggle. I wouldn’t have it any other way though!

VG: Do you have any advice for start-up businesses?

AM: You must be 100% committed to the success of your business. The majority of businesses take between 3-5 years to become fully successful. While there are some quick successes, this is rare and often coupled with many hurdles and stresses.

All business owners face a series of difficulties. It’s the ones that address the issues and create solutions that succeed. Ensuring you are fully invested in the success of your business will allow you to create your dream reality.

VG: Do you follow a mantra in life?

AM: Big journeys begin with small steps.

VG: What have you noticed in yourself since taking Beauty Mind?

AM: I’ve been having Vida Glow Beauty Mind to increase my focus and clarity at work which is key to my job! It also improves my energy too which is great as I need lots of it in my day.

VG: How do you incorporate Beauty Mind into your daily routine?

AM: I add Beauty Mind to water and drink mid morning. The taste is delicious, so I don’t feel the need to add milk or put it in a smoothie.

I’m quite time poor, so adding it to water and shaking it is perfect.

VG: Do you practice anything in life to keep you motivated?

AM: I run workshops throughout Australia, attend regular media launches and also host the Mindfulbiz Podcast.

Through these elements, I am fortunate to meet a range of people throughout the industries of health, wellness, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, PR and photography. Creating new contacts on a regular basis and meeting up with existing contacts is extremely important in my role, not to mention fun too!

VG: We all know that a healthy mind is a healthy lifestyle. Do you practice anything for this.

AM: I used to do a lot of cardio and go to the gym and yoga. These days I’m extremely short on time so I exercise daily using the Zova Fitness App. Without exercise, I cannot function and my day never really gets underway.

VG: Do you practice mindfulness? And if so, what and why?

AM: I used to meditate twice daily for 20 minutes. These days it’s more of a moving meditation and far shorter. I make sure I check in at 10am and 5pm – even if it’s only for a couple of minutes.

Being mindful allows me to cultivate an ongoing positive mindset, be grateful for all that I have and also allows me to pay attention to what’s actually going on in my life.






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