Ali Cotton – surf chick, hard worker, health lover and founder of Sydney based fashion line First Base. After many years in the fashion industry, Ali noticed there was a gap in the sportswear market, paving the way for a new line of laid back, chic designs to be created which are functional and above all, simple. As a lover of all things health and wellness, Vida Glow was delighted to chat with Ali about how beauty starts within, her love for all things veggie and her strong work ethic behind her success. She also let’s us in on why she uses Vida Glow’s Beauty Greens.

VG: Ali, Vida Glow is a huge fan of First Base, tell us what made you want to start a fitness line?

AC: I’ve worked in fashion for a long time and my overall style is pretty laid back and definitely has a sportswear flavour to it so it was a very natural progression for me to start a sportswear brand.

VG: How would describe your work ethic?

AC: I pretty much don’t stop till the job is done. My parents instilled a really strong work ethic in me so it’s like second nature.

VG: Tell us about your fitness routine, how do you like to stay in shape?

AC: I’m a bit more mellow with my workouts these days. I like to do Yoga twice a week and  Pilates once a week. I also do one or two high intensity training classes. In summer I try to get as many surfs in as I can – that’s really my all time favourite thing to do.

VG: We know you love Vida Glow Beauty Greens! How do you incorporate this into your daily diet?

AC: I’ll make a smoothie! I blend one scoop of Beauty Greens with a banana, coconut water and some almond milk to make a breakfast smoothie.

VG: At Vida Glow, we believe that the base of beauty starts from within. What do you do to stay healthy from within?

AC: I’m pretty much vegetarian these days so I eat tonnes of fruit and veggies at home.

A typical day for me kicks off with a Vida Glow Beauty Greens protein smoothie! It’s just an easy, healthy and filling breakfast that I can grab and go!

Lunch is left overs which is usually brown rice noodles and roasted veggies or a big salad with some spinach pie.

Dinner is pretty much veggies a 100 different ways!

VG: What is it that you love about Vida Glow Beauty Greens.

Beauty Greens actually taste amazing and leaves me feeling nourished. Plus it leaves my skin looking super fresh in the winter gloom. For me, it has to be Vida Glow!

VG: We are big believers in having an alkalised diet and being balanced at Vida Glow just like our Beauty Greens. Would you say you follow this concept as well.

AC: I definitely try to, I believe it’s about being 80% alkaline and 20% acidic!

VG: How would you describe your skin care routine?

AC: I’m pretty low maintenance  – I just use a simple moisturiser in the morning with SPF.

Then I typically use a tinted moisturiser with some concealer for under my eyes.

At night after I cleanse I exfoliate my skin if it’s looking a bit tired and then put on a face oil or serum to hydrate my skin overnight.

VG: What beauty supplements do you use for your skin?

AC: I take zinc and fish oil daily as well as a probiotic (Beauty Greens) for good measure.



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