Top Tips To Tone Up

Olivia Arezzolo – Personal Trainer, Wellbeing Advisor & Model
Olivia Arezzolo is a holistic personal trainer with a degree in psychology, specialising in toning, fat loss for women, particularly those who want to maintain core strength, as well as mindset coaching. She is the co-founder of the group training studio Bondi Outdoor, which offers pilates, yoga, bootcamp and boxing overlooking the incredible Bondi Beach. She has a wellbeing blog on her website and is a regular contributor to a variety of health, beauty, lifestyle and wellness websites. To contact her, simply email

Top Tips to Tone Up

Being toned – it’s probably the most common goal of my clients, and given that this is what I have the most experience in through my personal fitness journey, here is my advice on this topic….

So, how do we reach our ‘defined but not super skinny’ look?

  1. EAT RIGHT. We all know that physique is 80% diet and 20% exercise, so the most important step is to make sure you eat well. Lots of fresh salads, lean meats, some fruit, water, healthy fats like nuts – I know you’ve heard this all before but the reason you do is because it leads to success. Majority of models with ridiculous bodies that I know eat this way, and surprise surprise, they all look pretty damn good. 
  2. TRAIN WITH WEIGHTS. Weight training is crucial for toning up because you need to build your core strength – you can’t have defined muscles if you don’t have any muscles to define! For those who haven’t used weights before, I’d recommend seeing a trainer first – it’s very easy to get injured unless you know what you’re doing. For those with a little more experience, I’d encourage lifting moderate weights to help you reach your goals. Heavy enough that after 8-12 reps, you’re almost at failure.
  3. DO HIIT: One of my favourite styles and something I include in most of my workouts, HIIT allows you to burn fat fast. Killing yourself for 45 seconds and resting for 15 (or a similar combo) means that you plunge your body straight into the fat burning zone. During recovery, our bodies experience a little thing called “Excess Post – exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)” which keeps your metabolism firing away for up to 48 hours to recover. Yes, It’s all good and well to have muscles, but if it’s hidden underneath layers of fat, you’re going to start believing that ‘oh weights makes me bigger’ because you haven’t been stripping the fat layers that sits on top of the muscles.


Olivia xx

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