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Each and every one of us all have our go-to ways to do things. It’s a little bit like reflex. Get on the bus, stop at work, sit at desk. These may be the most ‘efficient’ way of doing them yes, but are they the most ‘effective’ for your mind, body and soul? By slightly changing the way you do your daily tasks did you know you can actually start making small adjustments to your routine for a fitter, healthier and better you?


Whether you are on a date, or simply sat at your desk, Vida Glow has created 7 effective ways to easily add in a little bit of wellness (and fun!) into your life!


Get off the bus a stop early and walk

Have you got time in the morning to shuffle a few things around and leave your house a little earlier than normal? To add in a small amount of fitness into your day, try getting off the bus a stop earlier. Not only will it increase your heart rate to give you energy for your workload but you can also give yourself a mini cardio workout as well!





Have an active date instead of a movie date

Movie dates as romantic as they may seem can always be a little bit cliche. Show your beau your fun side by booking into an active date. Try mixing it up with hiking, rock climbing or even just a walk around the park.






Take the stairs and not the elevator

Taking the elevator is definitely the easiest way to do things, especially when you have a handful of shopping! However, on days when you are free handed and you have a spare five minutes, try using the stairs instead to increase your heart rate, tone your legs and keep your blood pumping!





Have a healthy pack lunch instead of takeaway

It’s 8am and you have forgotten to make lunch..again. Your delivery app is no doubt the most frequently visited app on your phone on a weekly basis for that quick think fix. Takeaway food however, can be full of hidden calories and ingredients that we may not know about making us very unaware of what we are putting into our body everyday.  By setting aside an evening once a week to make a lunch list and prep your food you will be able to know exactly what you are digesting and proactively take charge of your food goals.






Try an exercise ball instead of an office chair

We know they can look funny but exercise balls are actually one of the most effective ways for us to improve our posture and decrease comfort in our lower back. Sitting poorly in office chairs can make our posture lazy and our hips tight.

Exercise balls are great at keeping our spine long, stretching our hips and strengthening our core.


Power Nap vs Energy Drink

Having that 3pm crash is one of the easiest ways to fall into the trap of reaching for something sweet like your favourite energy drink or chocolate fix. It is a great way to get to the end of the day yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the the healthiest. If you can, try a power nap! A ten minute power nap can actually help to recharge our brain for alertness and motor learning skills.

Trust us, your body and mind will thank you for it.

Read a book vs Instagram Scrolling

Instagram is always inundated with glamourous pictures of peoples lives, which is fun to look at but it’s not always the best way to stimulate our mind. Try swapping your Instagram scrolling for a book instead. By reading just ten pages of a book everyday you can help to keep your mind active, expand your word vocabulary and also give yourself something new to learn!

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