The Skincare Routine of Anna Lahey (our Founder)

I have vivid memories of being a little girl and watching my mum get ready. I was fascinated by her routine, the smell of her moisturiser and the how she always had time for “skin care”.

This is where my fascination with the health of skin began. I love beauty products, I’m a bit of a product junkie and have an intense interest in the process of getting ready, and prepping hair, skin and nails. My mum never left the house with chipped nail polish, and her hair was ALWAYS done. I haven’t managed that as well as she did, but I do think it has greatly influenced me.

Skin care is not only about looks or vanity, it’s about health and wellness too. Our skin is our largest organ and is often where the first signs of stress, poor diet or dis-ease are portrayed. Looking after your skin is imperative to your health, and on the plus side it does make you feel better.

My issue with skincare was always that there was too much information, too many things to do. Every therapist had a different angle or recommended different products that did not always work for MY skin. So I’ve often had a heap of stuff in cupboards that I’ve never used.

Obviously collagen supplementation has been the single, most effective, skincare product I have ever used, in terms of visible results.

It didn’t stop me using a moisturiser or other topical skincare products. So the problem of what to use and when was still an issue. Which is why I wanted to formulate a natural skincare line that offered results, in a simple skincare routine. From my perspective, if it’s simple, we are more likely to stick to it.

So based on my personal experience with products for over 10 years and analysing what worked, what I actually used and what was left unopened or only used once – I formulated Vida Glow Cosmetics with the Development Chemists to offer products of “Exceptional Quality, that Delivers Visible Results”.

“Results” is key. The success of Vida Glow is because our customers all over the world see visible, measurable results, when taking our marine collagen powder. So results and quality are always front of mind when offering new products.

Vida Glow Cosmetics opening range includes SIX key products, that are an everyday, simple skincare regime that suits all skin types.

My Skincare Routine

Ingestible Skincare

  1. I take Vida Glow’s (unflavoured/original) Marine Collagen powder once a day, one 3g serving, in the morning, in a glass of warm water.
  2. Beauty Greens, this is another daily staple, in a glass of cold water. I like to have this in the afternoon.
  3. Smoothies – now I don’t always feel like a smoothie, but I do have one for breakfast 3 – 4 times a week. My go to smoothie is: Coconut and Almond Mylk (Nutty Bruce), Chocolate Beauty Protein (one scoop), Beauty Skin, Strawberries, Blueberries, Ground Flaxseeds, Banana, and a small handful of Baby Spinach. I do always use organic produce.

Topical Skincare Routine


Make Up

I don’t use make up unless I have meetings or an event. If I do use it, I like soft, natural and dewy makeup. The less is more approach always works for me.

  • Foundation: Les Beiges for day, Le Teint Ultra for night, both in no.50 by Chanel.
  • Lips: Rouge Coco Mademoiselle 434 by Chanel with Vida Glow Lip Balm over the top.
  • A touch of Blush on the cheeks and eye lid: Powder Blush 99 Rose Pétale by Chanel.
  • I use the Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara.
  • Brows; Micro Stroke Pencil 04 and Brow Veil 03 both by Amy Jean.

I’ve tried smoky eyes and eye shadow, but I never feel comfortable. Contouring does not agree with me either. So the most adventurous I get with makeup is a bright red lip, I do love that!

Bright Red Lip: Lip Liner, Le Crayon Lèvres 97 by Chanel with our Lip Balm over the top.


Double cleanse if I’ve used makeup or sunscreen

  • Vitamin C Serum lightly applied all over the face, and I wait a few minutes for it to set.
  • Emollient Moisturiser.

Nightly 2 – 3 times a week

  • Double Cleanse.
  • Softly Exfoliate.
  • Vitamin C Serum lightly applied all over the face.
  • Hydration Mask – as a leave-in night mask.



I see Peta Friend from Will + Peta Skin Clinic and she is AH-MAZ-ING. She also believes in simple skincare and is a user of Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen powder.

I trust her, and allow her to do the treatments that she believes my skin needs. This includes light peels, antioxidant treatments and Omnilux. I am consistent with my facials. Consistency is key. This is also the case with ingestible and skincare products.

My FAVOURITE products

Our Vitamin C Serum is my favourite product in our range. This is an antioxidant rich serum, which has been formulated with a high concentration of vitamins. Being enhanced with Collagen and Active Vitamin C, this serum targets specific skincare concerns such as fine lines, pigmentation and an uneven complexion. The antioxidants in this blend offer the skin protection and has a beautiful brightening effect. I’ve found that this serum has been a game changer for me in terms of pregnancy pigmentation. I had pregnancy pigmentation with my son who is now 18 months old, and I’m due to have my second baby in three weeks. I have not had pigmentation in this pregnancy and I believe the Vitamin C serum has made a HUGE difference.

Our Hydration Mask   I love this two to three times a week as a leave in night mask. My skin feels amazing in the morning. The key ingredients included are Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Green Tea, Cocoa and Shea Butter.


Sleep is so important for skin. Being heavily pregnant with an 18 month old in my bed #mumlife my sleep is disruptive at best. But …. my skin is still good because of the above!

  • I sleep on a Silk Pillow Case by SLIP in Caramel

Now I’m a realist – no one has the perfect routine. I wish I was more “consistent” with taking the Beauty Balance or Beauty Sleep at night. I wish I had a smoothie every morning, but I often feel like Peanut Butter on Toast for breakfast. I wish I had a nutritious bowl for lunch everyday, or vegetables every night – but I often find myself craving a tomato and basil pasta…

It’s important to have balance, and not put too much pressure on ourselves.

Take the Marine Collagen daily, and one beauty powder that you feel you need most – for you it may be our Beauty Mind to get you through the working day or the Beauty Cleanse if you’re feeling bloated and fatigued.


Establish a skincare regime that is simple, one serum not three. An easy moisturiser, a cleanser that actually removes makeup.

Did I mention to take collagen everyday? …. Ha!

Love Anna


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