The Most Important Part Of ANY Workout

At Vida Glow we believe there is one key component to every training program…. REST and RECOVERY.

With #FITFEB drawing to a close, we are continuing to focus on finding ways to keep active each day for the holistic benefits it has on our mind, body and soul. While it is important to exercise and eat a nutritious diet, it is also very important to ensure you are resting to allow your body the time to recover and avoid injury.

Why do you need rest and recovery?

This is the time that the body adapts to the stress of exercise. It also allows the body to repair and strengthen, and overdoing it with life’s constant demands of us can actually weaken our immune system, counteract the hard work at the gym and affect our mood and emotional wellbeing. Incorporating a regular rest day into your training program will allow you to mentally recharge your batteries as well as physically!


Our #VGTips for optimal rest + recovery:


  1. Choose exercise daily based on how you are feeling and what your body can handle. If you are feeling rundown and tired, a walk or yoga may be a better option than an intense weights session!
  2. Schedule rest days – set at least 1-2 days aside each week where you can take time off your usual gym schedule and let your body recover.
  3. Implement regular stretching and foam rolling into your routine! After a workout, it’s important to relieve the tension built up in your muscles. Both stretching and foam rolling help to improve circulation and blood flow, decrease muscle soreness and most importantly improve muscle recovery.
  4. Supplement with a product designed for recovery, such as our Beauty Balance to aid fatigued muscles, counteract stress the body goes through during workout as well as replenish energy stores.



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