Tell us a little about yourself

I live and breathe this lifestyle of health and wellness. It is my passion to share with others this way of life and to encourage people to find their inspiration every day. I am constantly learning and growing as life presents new challenges and obstacles to navigate and I love to support others on their path with great compassion and understanding. 

What was the ‘uh ha’ moment that inspired you to get into health and wellbeing? 

From as young as I can remember, all my childhood through my teens and up into my early 20’s,  I was always sick, suffering with severe constipation, low immune system, acne and debilitating headaches.  I was consistently exhausted, never realising how all of my symptoms were linked to all of the toxic waste impacting my colon and bad choice of food.  

Speaking to a friend about always feeling sick and tired, I learned how grave it was for my heath to only poo once a week and that being the link to all of my health problems.

I was encouraged to go for colonics and so I did.  This was the beginning of a very beautiful journey to save my life and live with the freedom from all of the ailments that were making me miserable and leading me to a premature death.

What does wellness mean to you? 

Wellness is a holistic way of life.  It’s a balance of physical health, emotional and mental health and complete freedom to walk in truth, always learning and always healing.

The journey of wellness can’t be rushed.  It’s one day at a time, choosing to love yourself with every step you take.  

Tell us about your exercise regime. Do you have any pointers or tips for those who struggle with a regular routine? 

Exercise for me is a commitment, understanding I could use many excuses to warrant how time poor I am and or tired I feel.  The consistency of my exercise is a major part of my self care.  Five days a week, I schedule my exercise routine as an appointment, the same time every day.  I’m committed to this appointment as I would be for any other appointment.  

What exactly are colonics? Should they be incorporated into a regular health regime? 

Colonics are the process of removing excess waste from the 5ft long, large intestine. When waste is not eliminated efficiently, it becomes impacted and septic allowing toxins to seep back into the bloodstream. A toxic, acidic colon is a breeding ground for bacteria and disease and is a major contributing factor in some of today’s most serious health conditions including cancer, heart disease and obesity.

The method of colonics we use is unique in that we use no machines, pumps or pressurised systems. Our method will actually stimulate your peristalsis (your colon muscle) to do the work- just like a gym workout for your colon! Not only is this method extremely effective for eliminating waste during your appointment but it will also retrain your colon to have more bowel movements at home. 

As for how many colonics and how often, the answer really is different for everybody. To get the most out of your colonics and cleansing we do recommend regular visits, maintaining colon and gut health is an ongoing process that will result in a myriad of health benefits. A cleansing diet and colonics go hand in hand, where you are awakening old stagnant waste matter in the body through vegetables juices and clean, organic food while supporting the release of the waste via colonics. 

What is your health and wellness mantra? 

Always listen to your body. Our bodies hold more wisdom than we often give them credit for. Be kind and listen with curiosity to the messages it is sending you. 

What are your words of advice or tips for those starting out on their health and wellness journey?

Don’t try to do it all at once. There’s no need to change everything overnight, I believe that small steps in the right direction is key. Try committing to just one or two simple things at a time- add more fresh greens to your diet, up your water intake, make a healthier choice for one meal per day. As you begin to make these changes you will feel better and more than likely you will experience a snowball effect. Do your research via books, documentaries or follow health bloggers for education and inspiration along the way. 

What is your naughty indulgence? 

A few squares of dark chocolate

Eating well can be expensive. What advice do you have for those on a budget? 

  • Head to your local farmers markets. Whether you’re searching for certified organic or spray free, get to know your farmers and you’ll save buying direct rather than from a grocer.  
  • Get familiar with the ‘clean fifteen’ and ‘dirty dozen’ and prioritise buying organic produce for the veggies that are most affected by pesticides. You can get away with buying conventional produce from the clean fifteen list to reduce your spendings. 
  • Be organised. Do some meal prep or at least plan your meals ahead of time. Cooking at home is the best way to save and this way you’ll know exactly what is going into your food. If you find you’re spending too much on ingredients, try paring back and simplifying your meals.  
  • Prioritise! Many of us are willing to spend money elsewhere but won’t put aside enough for quality food and products. Your health is the most worthwhile investment you can make.