During the winter months it’s very enticing to reach out for comfort foods.

Think creamy pastas, chocolate, and red wine. We usually over-indulge in rich food such as potato bakes, stroganoffs, lasagne, warm arancini balls, delicious pies and macaroni and cheese. Not to mention dessert.

I know what you’re thinking… YUM! Don’t worry we think so too!

The issue is that eating the above deliciousness once and a while is fine, however eating meal after meal, day after day of calorie dense meals will mean the winter weight will begin to make itself noticeable.

Our Top 5 Tips for Nourishing Your Body in Winter

  1.  Choose Healthy Comfort Foods

Warm foods are lovely in winter, so instead of trying to be too good and attempting a light salad, choose nourishing vegetable based options without all the added cream, oils, butter and cheese.

Baked veggies flavoured with herbs, healthy vegetable or chicken soups, lentil and vegetable bakes and fruit based desserts are healthier options and will prevent winter weight gain. They’re also a lot more nutritious, packed with vitamins and minerals which will have you looking your best.

  1.  Start Your Day Right 

A healthy morning and breakfast always sets you up for a healthy day.

Try our delicious Beauty Blend Porridge recipe here, full of nutrients and the perfect breakfast option.

Skipping breakfast in winter is a big no no. You’ll be starved by lunch and opt for a big (naughty) meal. Opting for coffee instead of breakfast is not a good idea either. This sends your adrenals into overtime and can really add a lot of stress to the body, and it slows the metabolism.

If porridge isn’t your thing, then try poached eggs with a side of spinach and tomato or avocado on toast.

  1.  Keep Up Your Water Intake

Unfortunately, during winter many of us replace water with coffee, hot chocolates and black tea. As you read in last weeks’ blog, skin dehydration is just as rife in winter. Our bodies need H2o just as much in winter as it does in summer.

Aim for 2L a day, yes even in winter…

If plain water doesn’t really tickle your fancy then try some caffeine free herbal teas, or a glass of warm water with some lemon or lime. A glass of warm water with a serving of the Original Vida Glow marine collagen is a great way to get your collagen intake up and kick start your metabolism in the morning. Then try a sweet fruit flavoured blend like Peach Vida Glow in the afternoon when you’re feeling like something sweet. Not only will this cater to your sugar craving (without the sugar) but it will also nourish your hair, skin and nails.

  1.  Up Your Vitamin C

Winter months also mean Flu Season. A cold or flu is awful, sniffily nose, aching body, no exercise or even getting out of bed.

Foods high in Vitamin C aid in preventing and reducing the severity of colds. Vitamin C is also a SUPER vitamin for hair, skin and nails, as it helps with the formation and production of collagen in the body.

Try seasonal winter fruits with an abundance of Vitamin C such as oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes and grapefruit.

Our flavoured marine collagen of Mango, Peach, Pineapple and Blueberry come with naturally actually occurring Vitamin C.

  1.  Move, Move, MOVE

The old saying of “Summer Bodies Are Made in Winter!”

Just because its’ cold outside doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate. Winter is the perfect time to train because exercising will get the blood pumping around the body and raise your temperature.

Invest in some warm exercising clothing. Research at home exercises and commit to 30 minutes of MOVING every day.