Mindful Detoxing

by Kate Kendall

Kate is the Co -Founder and Director at Flow Athletic 

Yoga “Expert” for Body & Soul Magazine

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Mindful Detoxing

So you’ve decided to join FebFast, 30 Days CLEAN or some other detox program that promotes wellness, raises money for charity and generally gives back. Awesome! Don’t underestimate the ripple effects this can have on your health as well as the wellbeing of those in need that you’re supporting.

And to support you on this journey, here are a few simple tips for staying mindful during your cleanse or detox and to remind you of all the good that you’re doing.

Set an Intention.

In social situations when everyone else has a drink in their hand or the whole office is devouring your birthday cake, having an intention to go back to can provide staying power. Make it something easy like how you want to feel so that it’s a quick reminder of getting into that state. For example: ‘I’m detoxing to feel vibrant’ OR ‘I’m doing this for the disadvantaged kids.’ Whatever resonates.

Deep Breaths. 

When hard things happen (our reaction to which can feel amplified when we’re ‘going without’) try closing your eyes for a moment, taking a few deeps breaths with awareness at your abdomen and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Hang in there – it’s only a month which is only a flicker of your year and smidge of your whole life.

Theme Song

Choose a tune that rocks your boat and gets you motivated. Nothing like a good track to get you back-on-track and in fight mode. And if you’re music mad like me – compile a playlist and share it with friends. Nothing like giving back to make you feel good.

Mind Cleanse

Why not use this as an opportunity to become more aware of the toxic things you tell yourself. Once I started to be aware of this, I was astounded at the kinds of things I was saying; the comparison, judgment and harsh inner chatter often has a more detrimental effect on your wellbeing than the block of chocolate. Start your day by saying, ‘Today I choose to be kind to myself’ and when you notice the harsh words, try changing the nature of the talk to being softer, more kind.


Kate xx

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