Make the Most of 2016

Hands Up if you feel like 2016 has only started this week?

The festive season has been fun, and the first few days or week of the New Year are really just an extension of the good times. Then you’re back at work and reality sinks in.

This is the time to get motivated and start making plans for all that you’ll achieve this New Year. It doesn’t have to be hard work, in fact try and make it enjoyable by following these handy tips.

1) Get a Diary! 

Now most of us use our laptops, desktops or iPhones. But we suggest actually having a pen and paper diary. There is something powerful about putting pen to paper. Start using your diary and calendar as if your life depended on it. Write down your plans for the day, the week, schedule in your appointments and meetings. This helps give you a sense of control. At the beginning of each day and week, write a to do list. Jot Down what needs to be crossed out and enjoy the satisfying feeling of marking it off!

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2) Vision Journal

This is not a personal journal, a “dear diary” sort of thing. Instead this is a Vision Journal, where you write all your life goals and actually make them very visual. Visualisation is an incredible tool for manifesting your desires. Einstein famously said “Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attraction” he also said “logic will take you from a to b, imagination will take you everywhere”. In your vision journal you do not have to worry about the “how” you only have to focus on the end result. So enjoy being creative, cut out pictures of houses you’d like to live it, cars you’d like to drive, places you’d like to travel to, outfits you’d like to wear, body goals, write the most crazy dreams you’d like to come true, write quotes that you love, make a list of the qualities of a partner or job you’d like to attract. It can be filled with whatever you like. Only you are to look at it, and the only rule is that you do look at it everyday and allow your imagination to run wild for a 10 minutes (or however long you like).

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3) Get Fit

Actually do it! It’s not about looking like a Victoria Secret model. It’s about allowing yourself to be the best version of you. It shouldn’t be some unrealistic goal that will have you quitting before you even get started. You might want to exercise 3 times a week or once a day. Work out whatever suits you in terms of the time you have and commit to 21 DAYS. They say that it takes 21 Days to create a habit. So commit to walking the dog every morning, 4 gym sessions a week, eating healthy or whatever it may be for 21 DAYS. This will give you enough time to see some results, and once you see results the rest will follow.

4) Set a Date

Once you’ve completed your 21 Day Fitness Program, and proven to yourself that you can do it. We have one more challenge for you….set a date 12 weeks away where you will finally achieve something you’ve dreamt about. It might be to work REALLY hard at your current job to get the courage to ask for a promotion, or completely transform your health and fitness. The 12 week mark is important because it takes “4 weeks for you notice changes, 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the world to notice”. Don’t see it as cheesy. Try it. What’s the worst that can happen? Actually commit once and for all to something you’ve telling yourself that you should.

Watch the miracle unfold.

5) Give Back

Once you’ve achieved your goal. As a thank you to yourself and the “universe”.. give back. It may be volunteering for one day, feeding the homeless, helping a friend, rescuing a pet etc. Before you begin your journey make a note of what it is that you will give back, remember that you have to “give to receive” and the pleasure of giving will blow your mind, it’s a sure way to feel good.


Wishing you all a phenomenal 2016, may it be your BEST year yet!  

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