Make Everyday a Good Hair Day

It is important to remember that true beauty stems from within, but when it comes to how we feel, there is often an exception to this rule.

Although we like to believe ‘what is on the inside is all that counts’, we can acknowledge that our appearance impacts how we feel, especially when it comes to our hair.

Bad hair days usually set the tone for how the rest of our day will pan out. Our hair is a reflection of who we are, beyond its aesthetic properties, it creates our identity and gives us personality.

Whilst having beautiful, luscious hair is the dream for many, external factors such as bad weather makes it harder for us to achieve. But before you throw in the towel, there are ways to protect your hair to ensure every day is a good hair day *queue the sighs *.


Give your hair the life it deserves with these 6 hair solutions and hacks we can all try at home. 


1) Frizz/ Fly- Away Hair


Are you constantly struggling to tame your fly- away strands? The solution could be as easy as a kabuki brush. Spray an old makeup brush with hairspray and use to smooth any frizz.


2) Dry/ Flaky Scalp


It’s important to remember that sun is a big cause for dry/ damaged hair. A quick solution is to remember to wear a hat in the sun. To relieve dryness and itchiness to the scalp, massage coconut or argan oil into it at night.


3) Split Ends 


Split ends can be a result of sun exposure, swimming and overusing electrical appliances. Yes- we all have them, but what is the best way rid them once and for all? The quick fix is to cut them off, but consuming a natural collagen supplement will also do wonders for your damaged locks.  Vida Glow marine collagen can help promote hair growth and regeneration, especially of weak, damaged hair from over styling and heat. Want to know more? You can read our blog here for 7 natural ways to reverse split end.


4) Dull/ Dry Hair 

If you are constantly struggling with dull/dry strands- the wind, sun and swimming could be the ones to blame. To fix dull and lifeless hair, it is important to nourish your hair from within. A great supplement to encourage hair vitality is Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen powder that supports the growth of hair follicles and adds a natural shine.


5) Oily Hair 


Do you wash your hair every day? It may be time you introduce yourself to dry shampoo. Not only is washing everyday damaging to your hairs natural oils, but by the time you dry, wash and even style it, half a day is wasted.  All you need to do is spray the product through your hair, blend it in with your hands, and let it sit. If you are looking for a natural alternative to dry shampoo, you can also use corn flour or talcum powder in the same way.


6) Drying your hair with a shirt? 


Yes, this may seem bizarre, but towels can often be too harsh on wet hair. This is where an old cotton t-shirt comes in. Use it in the same way you would a regular towel, and if you have time, you can even wrap it up in your hair. This will leave you soft and less frizzy hair.


We all know life isn't exactly perfect sometimes, but your hair can be. With Vida Glow's marine collagen powder, glowing and luscious hair doesn't seem so hard to achieve. By following these easy tips and including marine collagen as part of your daily routine, healthy hair is just a sip away- now that sounds like the ultimate hack to us!