Cass and Carly co created The Base Collective which offers an amazing selection of skincare products infused with the healing properties of magnesium. I discovered their products during my pregnancy when my lower and upper back ached constantly. I personally use their bath wash and moisturiser daily, and their amazing magnesium oil when my muscles need a treat. I’ve recently started using their baby skincare range on my son, and I don’t think I could use anything else now. It’s gorgeous, even my two Pomeranians George & Daphne use The Base Collective Pet Range.

So I’m clearly excited about interviewing the brains behind the brand.

Congratulations on such beautiful products! What’s the story behind The Base Collective, the products and also the name?

Thank you! The Base Collective came about from a desire to create a brand that provided our customers with products that were the best they could be in terms of genuine no nasties, transparent in regards to what we put in them, only using natural and organic ingredients where possible and we also wanted them to look good – the type of products you would be happy to leave out on display in the guest bathroom if you know what I mean! We launched with The Hand Wash and The Hand Milk and then soon followed with our Magnesium Range which was received so well we have recently launched out Little and Pet Magnesium Ranges.

How do your magnesium skincare products, affect the skin and muscles?

The best way to get Magnesium (other than through food) is actually by transdermal absorption – essentially via applying it to your skin it is delivered directly to your blood stream and can work its magic – think increased energy levels, decreased sugar cravings, relaxation of muscles just to name a few. Keeping this in mind we decided to incorporate it into a stand alone amazing organic skincare product and supercharge it with this powerhouse mineral so essentially it’s a 2 in 1 nutrition via skincare. We like to think of ourselves as smart skincare! So for example whilst our Balm is a stand alone beautiful moisturiser it also delivers Mg directly to your blood stream.

What is the difference between your adult range and baby/children range?

Essentially the fragrance. We formulated the Little Range with calming Lavender and Chamomile whilst the Adult Core Magnesium Range is formulated with the White Tea fragrance which is purposely quite neutral so as not to compete with any additional perfumes / aftershaves you may like to wear.

As you know at Vida Glow we are collaborating with like minded brands in celebration of World Breastfeeding Awareness Week. What was your breastfeeding experience?

So I am a mum to 3 beautiful boys aged 6, 4 and my youngest just turned 1! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to breastfeed all of them but would say breastfeeding my first was the most challenging. When my eldest was only two weeks old I suffered from a bad case of mastitis where I actually passed out in the shower and my husband thought I was dead! Looking back it’s quite funny and we often laugh about it as I remember him standing over me holding our baby boy and trying to see of I was ‘with it’ by asking me who the Prime Minister was – I think I replied ‘Edmond Barton’ as I was thinking are you for real haha! Anyway once I got treated it was all fine but it made me realise that breastfeeding doesn’t just come naturally and you really need to be guided as to how to get the baby to latch properly and to also ensure you are looking after yourself as far as nutrition and resting as much as possible are concerned.

For me I’ve always enjoyed the nurturing side of being able to feed my babies but it is also extremely convenient! We like to travel a bit and the thought of trying to find somewhere to sterilise bottles and clean water to use is hard work compared to just being able to feed wherever and whenever they need. With my other two boys we invested in me seeing a lactation consultant to really ensure I had it under control as to avoid mastitis as much as possible and thankfully it seemed to work for me.

How you juggle children and running a business?

Yes the constant juggle! I won’t lie and say it’s easy or I am lucky it just comes down to often late nights on the email or when they are sleeping trying to get some work done. Housework often gets put to the bottom of the list! Carly and I both have young babies and we often bring them to business meetings and most of the time no one seems to mind.

What is the hardest part of being a mother?

The mother guilt!! As a parent I think everyone just wants to do the best by their little people and sometimes we second guess ourselves and sometimes things don’t go the way you would like them to. Learning to accept that that is ok has been challenging but it’s also helped me to grow as a person as you realise you can’t be in control of everything and to just let some things be.

What’s one thing you do for yourselves, to benefit your mental health?

I have a PT come to my house once a week and she looks after my baby and trains me at the same time – amazing right? She also has given me this awesome little home kit and gives me little circuits to do at home the other days. My mood is so much better when I exercise and it’s something when I’m struggling that I turn to to make me feel good. She often puts great workouts on her Ig feed for anyone who’s interested @_fitfoodfitbody_

What is your advice for mums to be about breastfeeding?

It’s such a lovely experience but it’s not necessarily something that comes naturally for a lot of women and if you are struggling reach out – whether it be to your maternal health nurse, GP or even your local Pharmacist they often can provide you with support and advice.

What products do you recommend for pregnant women, and new mums, and why? So I get asked this quite often when I have my Pharmacist hat on and it all comes back to nutrition and ensuring the mum is looking after herself – breastfeeding literally sucks everything out of you! A good pregnancy multivitamin with Iron is a must to help with overall energy and nutrition, Blackmores and Elevit are both good options. I love Vida Glow collagen as it’s often when the baby is around 3 months old mums will start to lose all that glorious pregnancy hair and they start to stress and the added Vitamin C is perfect to help boost the immune system as it’s easy for new mums to get run down and lastly our Magnesium Oil is perfect to help them fall asleep easily and keep their energy levels strong during this demanding time.

I know you’re both believers in Vida Glow, what products do you take, how often and how do you take them?

I love the Beauty Blend in my smoothies every morning and am a massive fan of the Vida Glow Marine Collagen in the original – it literally has no flavour and so I add it to my coffee in the morning and tumeric latte at night. It’ has definitely made a difference to my skin and my hair that fell out at about 6 months post baby is growing back strong – my hairdresser even commented the other day how good the growth has been. I’m genuinely so thankful to your products!!

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

You can’t have external beauty without internal beauty! So take care of your nutrition and also to smile and wear sunscreen!

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