Is This Why You’re Struggling With Self-Control?

We’re approaching the end of 2018 and the holiday season is upon us. As we navigate Christmas, New Years, and all the celebrating and partying in between, it can be difficult to sustain our healthy habits.

Refraining from indulging during a season dedicated to overindulgence is tough. And although the holiday period is a time for celebration, it can sometimes equate to unhealthy choices, making self control a more prominent issue. But luckily, new research shows there is one major player contributing to our lack of self-control, and it’s something we can fix tonight.


In a recent study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers asked 211 college students to complete a survey every night for 30 days. Participants were asked to agree or disagree self-control specific questions, such as, “Right now my mind feels unfocused,” “Right now my mental energy is running low,” and “Right now I am having a hard time controlling my urges.”

Researchers found that when participants experienced a shorter amount of sleep than they’re used to, they experienced more stress the next day and therefore had greater difficulty practising self-control.  

Basically, if you don’t get enough sleep your self-control plunges the next day.

Getting enough sleep during the holiday season is imperative if you want to steer clear of stress and practice self-control (although not all the time, we’re all for enjoying life!)

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