Importance of a Healthy Balance in Life

Having a balance in life is so important for your mental health and wellbeing. Most of us fall victim to stress due to work demands and pressure we put on ourselves. Stress is a natural feeling towards challenging situations in life and a small amounts of stress can be a good thing as it keeps us productive when we are working towards deadlines and gives us adrenaline and energy. Although, if we fall off balance with everything else in life due to this stress then this is when it becomes unhealthy and has very negative effects on our body and mind.


There are many things in life we should give our time to to create this healthy balance and keep ourselves centered. When we have this harmony from all the different areas in our life we will start to see the benefits. Each different area of our life will start to support and strengthen the others. All of us find it hard to time manage effectively and don’t give the love and energy needed to each area in our life which again leads to stress and unhappiness. 


One of the biggest setbacks for people is leaving work life in the office. Our 9 to 5’s jobs have turned into 8 to 7’s due to us becoming fixated and letting it take over. On the train into work and even lying in bed at night we are obsessing over emails and deadlines. This over committing to work creates a negative impact on other areas as we do not give the love and attention needed to our families, friends and ourselves. Limiting our time on our phone in the morning and switching our phone off an hour before bed will help us to relax and unwind properly.  


Health is the most important area in our life that needs attention. If we start letting that slip, then everything else will start to fall apart. We need to nourish ourselves through getting enough sleep, eating the right foods and keeping active. If that is in sync, then everything else will fall into place and become easier. Adding Vida Glow to your diet will also help to nourish your body from the inside out. Replenishing your collagen levels will help fight signs of aging that can be brought on due to stress.


Positivity has the most amazing effect on your mind so make the time to spend with family, friends and surround yourself with people you love. Remember in life do what you love to do and do more of what makes you happy and feel good. Getting the balance right will make life easier and more enjoyable.


Be in control of creating a life you love!