How To Set Goals You Can Actually Achieve This Year!

Why do we set goals?


Setting goals can be a great way to keep yourself accountable to work both smarter and harder towards what you want to achieve.

We know it can be so easy to get side tracked with the hustle of daily life and lose sight of your goals. With Fit Feb being our month to focus on getting back on track with an active lifestyle, we are making a conscious effort to set achievable goals!

Here are some tips to make your goal setting an easier process.


Set smaller ‘milestone’ goals that you can tick off along the way

Sure you may want to be able to run 10km without stopping, but why not try and run 1km first, then 2km, then 3km. You will feel less overwhelmed and exhausted if you can tick off stepping stones along the way which will help keep you motivated to finally hit that 10K mark!

Set goals that are realistic and achievable

It is important to have goals, and a desire to step outside your comfort zone, but it is also important to be realistic and focus on things that are within your reach. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to go above and beyond, analyse what is achievable for you personally, irrespective of what anyone else is doing.

Reward yourself to keep motivated

There is nothing more motivating than being rewarded for hard work, and if it is well deserved, it is even more satisfying. When you set your goals, especially your smaller, milestone goals, set some rewards you will give yourself when you reach them. Maybe it’s some new workout gear, a massage, or dinner at that restaurant you have been wanting to try. Pick something that will keep you motivated and more likely to work towards achieving your goals, whatever that may be.

What will YOUR goals be?


At Vida Glow we believe having a healthy and nutritious breakfast every morning is a key goal to ensure a productive day ahead.

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