How to Rewire Your Mind and Reach Your Goals

Life is all about goals. Whether you realise it or not, we’re all working towards something in our future. It could be fitness, health, studying, wealth, relationships or career related, but every single one of us is looking for change and improvement.

One of the most simple ways to bring forward our goals into reality and thereby improve the quality of our life experience is through the power of affirmations.

When we tell ourselves something over and over we start believing it is true. Most of the time the things that we tell ourselves, relating to our ability to reach our goals, is often unconscious thoughts that we aren’t even aware of. This means we can be having negative thoughts and repeating limiting beliefs over and over without realising. These negative thought patterns keep us from achieving our goals and prevent us from becoming our happiest selves.

The word affirm means “to make firm”. An affirmation is declaring that a future goal is becoming reality.

How to make goal-setting affirmations

What are your goals? One of the easiest ways to create effective goal-setting affirmations is to take each of your goals and rewrite them as if they are already true.

Say your goal is to invest in your long-term health by making more nutritious food choices. Instead of saying “In the future I will start making healthier choices,’ you could say one of these instead;

“I can easily make a nutritious, delicious meal”

“Planning healthy meals is a joy”

“I am worth the time and money I invest in my health”

The key is to make your affirmation something you believe is genuinely achievable and something that makes you feel good- that way you will want to keep repeating it to yourself!

Use the following formula to create positive and effective goal-setting affirmations

  • Add “I am” at the beginning of your affirmation
  • Include a feeling action word to energize your goal (e.g easily, happily, excitedly, joyfully)
  • Always make sure your goal is in the present tense, act as if your goal is real right now!

Every thought and every word—positive or negative—is an affirmation, and is shaping your reality. The easiest way to do positive affirmations is to consciously repeat them to yourself, either out loud or silently, whenever you feel like it or whenever you remember. Repeat the positive affirmation until it feels like it has truly sunk in!

Make it real in your mind… and it will become real in your life.

We believe in the power of affirmations so strongly that we designed our range of Beauty Powders each with their own personal affirmation. Our hope is that when you focus on this affirmation it will bring more positivity and productivity into your daily life.

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