How to Improve Skin Hydration

Brittany Darling is Vida Glow’s Resident Nutritionist

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Is Your Skin is Dehydrated or Lacking Oil?

Coming to the end of winter, it’s likely that your skin is feeling a little dry, flakey and possibly even a bit itchy. Skin dryness can be caused by excessive room heating, long hot showers, excessive use of soaps, cool winds, not drinking enough fluids plus more.

There is two different causes for skin dryness:

  1. Skin lacking water content
  2. Reduced oil (sebum) production

Tips for Combating Dry Skin

  • Drink 3-4 sips of water every 10 minutes during the day rather than consuming water all in one go.
  • Avoid excess coffee or alcohol
  • Ensure adequate magnesium intake as it improves cellular hydration
  • Studies have shown that marine collagen improves water hydration levels in the skin. Take 1-2 sachets of Vida Glow daily.
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Ensure adequate intake of essential fatty acids. Dietary sources include oily fish, avocados, nuts, seeds, Vida Glow’s Beauty Blend, and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Reduce use of heaters and air conditioning, when possible.
  • Long hot showers draw moisture out of your skin. Have shorter cooler showers when possible.
  • Exfoliating will help remove dead skin cells that leave your skin looking dry and dull. I recommend daily body brushing or using an exfoliating mitten.
  • Your skin needs moisturiser but you shouldn’t feel as it you need to apply it all the time. Ideally you would apply a face or body moisturiser once daily. Over moisturising can alter the skins natural sebum production as can over cleansing.
  • Collagen is one of the most abundant components of the dermis, the layer of skin between the superficial layer of the skin (epidermis) and the subcutaneous tissue. The sebaceous glands, lymphatic tissues, blood vessels and sweat glands are all situated in the dermis. Oral collagen supplementation such as Vida Glow’s marine collagen, can help to maintain optimal functioning of the dermis and the health of the skin.


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