How does marine collagen work?

Vida Glow marine collagen is a natural hydrolysed collagen peptide powder sustainably derived from the scales of ocean fish.

Our marine collagen works from within to promote optimal skin function, by delivering essential micronutrients to the collagen matrix below the dermis. Our low weight hydrolysed collagen peptide powder is highly bio-available, meaning that it has a significant absorption rate above 90%, whereas pills and tablets average from 30 – 40%.

Once Vida Glow marine collagen is ingested it is absorbed and distributed by the bloodstream via blood vessels, to the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin. Here it stimulates fibroblast proliferation, thereby increasing the body’s natural production of collagen.

By ingesting hydrolysed collagen peptide, you are increasing the pool of specific amino acids available to the cells in the body that produce collagen. Our marine collagen also triggers the HAS2 receptors in the dermis responsible for the production of hyaluronic acid, aiding skin hydration.

Vida Glow combats the signs of ageing by reducing oxidative stress, preventing cross linking of collagen fibres, increasing moisture and hydration. As a result, marine collagen supplementation through Vida Glow, restores your skin’s youthful appearance, improves skin tone, texture, plumps the skin and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.


Vida Glow marine collagen also improves skin elasticity by increasing the density of fibroblasts, which are the cells responsible for rebuilding connective tissues.

Being a natural supplement, Vida Glow is a non-invasive and effective solution to nourish hair, skin and nails from within.

No nips, tucks or needles in sight!

How to use Vida Glow marine collagen?

Vida Glow is incredibly convenient to include into your daily diet. Simply stir a sachet in to your shake, smoothie, juice or plain water.

You can even enjoy a serving in your tea or coffee, as Vida Glow is heat stable.

A serving of our marine collagen also stirs nicely into porridge, yoghurt and soups.

Keep a sachet in your handbag and at your desk. Vida Glow is designed to be taken as a daily supplement. The sachets are particularly convenient if you’re on the run or travelling. Our Original 270g Loose Powder comes with a handy pre-measured 3g scoop – and is ideal for the home or office.

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