It's so easy to get disconnected from your body and become confused and distorted about eating. Food trends, fad diets, celebrity endorsed detoxes, the list goes on and on, either way most of us have ended up (one way or another) confused about how to nourish ourselves. We eat for weight loss, to celebrate, to reward ourselves, because we are stressed, upset, bored or don't eat to punish ourselves, punish others, we forget or we have just lost interest.

Here is a list of tips to help you heal your relationship with food and to eat for nourishment.

  • Listen to your body. Eat when you're hungry but not starving.
  • Get excited about healthy food. Look up healthy recipes to get inspired and share and enjoy nourishing food with your friends and family. Thinking about and preparation of food is one of the first stages of digestion. Seeing and smelling food helps your digestive system create enzymes to aid digestion. This is known as the cephalic phase.
  • Have a routine when it comes to eating. Aim to have breakfast 2 hours within waking and eat for every 3-4 hours but stop eating 2 hours before bed. Eg. 8am breakfast, 12pm lunch, 3pm snack, 7pm dinner, 9pm bedtime.
  • Food should not be punishment nor reward.
  • Food shouldn't be labelled as good or bad. There are food that makes you feel energetic, nourished, healthy and foods that don't. Try to eat more of the whole foods that make you feel nourished and good about yourself.
  • Acknowledge old habits and make new ones.
  • Know what healthy, energetic and nourished feels like and always work towards that.
  • And most importantly, love yourself.

Eating disorders are a serious mental illness, not just confusion about what to eat. Over 15% of Australian women will suffer from an eating disorder during their lifetime. If you feel like you need some extra help, the butterfly foundation is an excellent support network.