Sometimes life gets us down … we’ve all been there before. Negative energy can cause destruction in our lives, and is a toxic energy that constantly bombards us unless we do something to change it. Just like eating healthy, remaining positive requires a conscious decision to unplug from the norm, and to create a life of our own design instead of going along with the crowd.

Letting go of the hurt, the pain, and the anger can be challenging. But when we let go of negativity, we will feel lighter and brighter, and have more clarity, inner peace and balance.

Here are five ways to release or let go of negativity in your life.

1) Vent it Out

Venting is releasing.

Whether we are venting it out with people, in our dreams, or with a pen and paper, it is like lifting a boulder off of our shoulders. Healthy venting involves expressing your emotions calmly and letting people know how you feel, especially to someone who is non-judgemental and clear minded. Avoid yelling, ranting and raving about your problems, as aggression proceeds aggressions.

2) Discover Nature

Nature has a calming effect, where we often forget our negative energy when surrounded by it. People who are exposed to natural scenes aren’t just happier or more comfortable; the building blocks of their physiological well-being respond positively also.

3) Cry

Crying is often made to be a big ‘no-no’, making us feel weak and inferior by those who see it as uncomfortable in public. But tears are simply a release of negative energy. Babies cry, children cry, adults cry – tears do not discriminate.

A good way to release negative energy through crying is to intentionally set out a specific time to cry. This way, it will release when we want it and not have to breakdown at an inconvenient time.

4) Accept that life happens

Acknowledging our negative energy is the first step towards acceptance and losing the momentum of negative accumulation. One of the best ways to empower ourselves is accept responsibility because it puts you in control. Letting go of the victim mentality will eliminate huge amounts of emotional negativity from your life.

5) Love yourself unconditionally. Because if you don’t, who will?

Reinforce how much you love yourself every day. Why? Because it will feel good, and who doesn’t like to feel good? One simple way to achieve this is by telling yourself, out loud or in your head, with a big smile on your face, “I love myself unconditionally.” Sit in the feeling of love that arises.

You may also find it useful asking yourself, “What can I do today to deepen my self-love?” Your intuition will give you a response in the form of a feeling, thought or image. Learning how to love yourself is a key ingredient to happiness and is at the very core of wellbeing, joy, self-empowerment and our ability to enjoy life.

What happens when you let go of negativity?

It feels relieving. You are no longer fearful, your vision is no longer clouded and you don’t feel shameful. It removes the baggage which doesn’t serve a purpose to you anymore and we learn to nurture our mind, body and soul so that our positives outweigh the power of negativity.

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