Olivia Arezzolo is a model & personal trainer who loves to inspire people to be their best - inside and out.
It's obvious from her blog and instagram that she lives and breathes all things wellness. So as part of our June Exercise and Wellness month we thought we'd catch up with the "all rounder" and pick her brain on all things beauty and fitness.

Olivia, it's quite a title you have there. How do you balance your schedule with working out, personal training, modelling with everyday life admin?

Thank you – I am sure we all have a few titles! How I balance – I always try  to keep in my mind that rejuvenating is just as important than expending energy; and therefore I am always looking for opportunities that recharge me. I have a tendency to gravitate towards doing more (hence the multiple titles), however as I have grown as a person, I have become much more aware of how important it is to do less; and how wonderful it feels to do so! On a day to day basis, this means that I make time for walks, exercise and my favourite ritual, simply stopping for a cup of tea.

We all have days when we don't feel up to getting out of bed in the morning, let alone exercise. How do you keep motivated?

Motivation, to be honest, isn’t the biggest challenge for me – and I swear this is because I don’t look it as ‘exercise’.  Rather, it’s ‘me time’ - I have a moment to disconnect from everyone and everything, listen to my favourite music, become creative and make up different workout routines to push my body, as well as process my emotions. It’s my time where I ‘fuel up’ mentally. And to be fair, I like to look good and feel healthy in my body. Knowing that training well contributes to this also helps me stay on track.. not going to lie!

What's your go - to exercise when you're feeling lazy?

A gentle stroll or some stretching. Yes, I still consider both of them exercise!

How strict are you on your diet? What does your day on a plate look like?

I wouldn’t say I’m very strict on my diet at all – I eat what I love! I’ve learnt how to make relatively healthy food super tasty, so this means I don’t feel ever feel deprived. I’m Italian – my nonna would kill me if it were any other way!

My day on a plate varies quite a lot, as I like to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. It also depends on if I’m shooting, travelling or training clients too – I don’t have a standard day really! However, this is a pretty normal day for me right now.

5:30am – cup of English breakfast tea with some honey

8am - piece of fruit, another tea with honey!

10am – 2 boiled or poached eggs, sometimes a piece of toast, with a side of fresh spinach and tomatoes, plus something to make it extra delicious, like a big spoon of hommous.

12:30pm – almond chai latte with honey, plus often something sweet like a bliss ball or some dates with walnuts encased inside – yum!

2pm – if I’m eating at home, my go-to is a big roast pumpkin, mixed greens and 2 x boiled egg salad, with crushed nuts, sultanas and feta on top. I’ll often throw in some brown rice as well. If I’m eating out, I’ll look for a salad as well – vegetables are my absolute favourite!

5:30pm – rice crackers with a dip, nuts, grapes.

7pm – if I’m eating in, I’ll bake something – I love white fish, fresh tomato and olive; fish with walnuts and pesto or spiced chicken breast! As it’s been cooler in the weather, I’ve been pairing this with some grilled broccoli with crushed almonds, or a sweet pea, mint and parsley salad. If I’m out, I’ll usually have something a bit heavier than if I were to eat at home – and enjoy every mouthful! Plus a wine or cocktail.. or both!

9:30pm – I like to have a cup of chamomile and cinnamon tea before going to sleep. Studies show that this improves sleep quality, plus it helps with digestion.

What do you do to treat yourself?

My favourite way to treat myself is to make no plans with anyone, go for a solo chai at one of my locals in Bondi, have a super long gym session, go for a long walk and finish off with some yoga and meditation. This takes around 3-4 hours and I literally feel like I have died and gone to heaven after it. It’s pure bliss.

What are the key areas that your clients are looking to work on?

Most of them are looking for weight loss, to tone up, bit of extra motivation and advice on how to eat healthy. I help them with all of the above, but also remind them that they need to have the right attitude towards their body, food and exercise – so regardless of if they want to work on their mind or not, if they are training with me, they inevitably will be. I know if we work on these beliefs and reprogram their minds towards a healthier, more balanced approach to wellness, then this will set them up in the long run to be healthy – mind, body and spirit. And ultimately, this is a win for all. 

In terms of beauty, we know your a fan of Vida Glow, but what other products make up your beauty regime?

To be honest, I’m quite minimal – skin health begins on the inside with a good diet and a daily sweat! I don’t have one particular brand I use, however I will say that whichever brand I am using, I make sure it’s made from natural, holistic and organic ingredients.

How long have you been taking Vida Glow?

On and off for a few years. I always come back because it keeps my skin looking fresh, nails strong and my hair soft and shiny.

What's your favourite marine collagen flavour and how do you incorporate it into your day? How many servings and how you do take it?

Plain! I have 2 serves in my morning tea– I can’t taste a thing!

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Initially what results did you first notice with collagen supplementation?

My hair became shiny, stronger and started growing like nothing before! My skin looked glowy, supple, smooth and more hydrated too.

What about the ongoing results that you have personally experienced.

The above – just ongoing! Stronger, thicker and healthier hair, silky, supple skin. It’s definitely one of my essentials when it comes to looking my best, and strongly recommend it for anyone considering it. Just try it for a month and you’ll understand!

What advice can you give to those who are looking for a bit of inspiration on getting started with an exercise routine?

Find a way to love it. It may be meeting up with your bestie pre-workout so you get amped together, lining up a list of your favourite tracks to listen to while you’re training or finding a new place to explore in the great outdoors. There is always something to love about exercise – you just have to find what makes you tick.

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Photography: Fiona Peters
HMUA: Juliette
Outfit : Lurv