Don’t snack while cooking

It is very easy to snack while you chop your ingredients. Reaching for the fridge while you wait for your meal is a habit we all have. Try having a glass of water with a sachet of Vida Glow marine collagen to help curb your hunger or having a good substantial lunch will also help you keep fuelled until dinner time.   


  Using the wrong oils in your recipe

Be mindful of what oils you choose to cook with. If you use an oil at too high a temperature past its smoke point this can have a negative effect. Olive oil is a great oil to use in dressings for salad or pastas and is perfect for cooking on a low heat. When cooked on high temperature the olive oil breaks down which creates unhealthy trans fats.


Sauce Choice

Be careful when it comes to choosing a sauce for your dish as this can be where the calories lie. You might have everything else right with the dish like the lean protein and vegetables and then drown out the goodness of the dish with an unhealthy sauce. One suggestion would be to make it yourself so that you know exactly what goes in. Otherwise look at the labels of the sauces that you buy in the supermarket as they can be full of sugar and salt.


Portion Control

Portion control is very important as most of us are maybe a little too generous when it comes to portion sizes. If you are the type of person that has the mentality that, if the food is there it will be eaten, then don’t over fill your plate. If you are cooking a big portion to divide up for the week well make sure you divide the meals before you sit down to eat. Also using measuring cups or weighing the portions as per recipe will help you avoid adding in that little bit extra and over cooking.


Add natural flavouring to spice up your dish

Using herbs or spices in your dish is a good way to add flavour without the calories. Paprika is great to spice up your sweet potato or sprinkle over your chicken before popping under the grill. Thyme is another great way to add some deliciousness to your roast vegetables or proteins.