You’re working out and trying your best to prep for Summer. Did you know that meals pre and post you hit the gym greatly affect the results you achieve? Certain food can make you feel energised and ready for the sweat, whilst others leave you feeling lethargic wanting to stay on the couch. Likewise, food post exercising is so important to get right, the good stuff helps with muscle repair and recovery, ensuring optimal results.

Knowing what to choose and when can get confusing!

We’ve selected our top pre and post workout foods to help you get prepared and make good choices.

Pre Workout Snacks

Your pre-workout snack needs to provide your muscles with ready to use energy, and avoid foods that would make you feel heavy and bloated.

Carbohydrates are a fuel source for muscles, so in order to maximise your workout and give your body the energy it needs, we suggest eating a carbohydrate based snack 30 – 60 minutes before you train. Aim to keep your snack small so you don’t have too much in your tummy.

What to AVOID Pre Workout

 Post Workout Snacks

Most of us are aware that protein is needed after a workout, but did you know that carbs are essential too? Carbs are required for building muscles as they stimulate your muscles to absorb amino acids from protein through increasing the hormone insulin. Carbs replenish fuel stores to prevent muscle breakdown and contribute to the positive energy balance needed to grow muscle and recover from training.

Try one of these post workout snacks within 20 – 30 minutes of finishing your session.

If you finish training and can eat your next main meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) within half an hour of finishing training, then this main meal can replace your post workout snack.

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