As a mother of 2, Nutritionist and Herbalist, finding the time for everyone and everything can be challenging at times.   


After having children, how I work as a practitioner has completely changed. I am fortunate enough to have my own business and flexibility within it. Over a year ago now, I went from consulting in my lovely clinical practice in Woollahra, Sydney to consulting online from my home office via Skype. Making this switch has increased my productive hours plus it works in with my other job (mum). Though every day is a bit of a juggle, I have a few rules that I live by that help me make time for everything.  


Have A Routine 

My week planner is my savior. I pretty much work the same schedule every week. This helps me to navigate through the day without having to thinking about what’s happening next. 


Work In The Mornings 

Personally, I find doing most of my work in the mornings more efficient. I drop the kids to school then as soon as I get home, make myself a green tea then I sit at my desk (usually Skype calls with patients and in between email replies, Vida Glow blogs and research and paperwork) until lunchtime.   


Be Productive  

When I’m working or with the kids, I try to be present. This means my phone is either on silent or do not disturb. I don't look at unnecessary emails or social media. I find if I start multi tasking this leads to stress, meltdowns and not enjoying anything.  


Don't Work Harder, Work Smarter 

This is a work in progress. I only have 6 hours allocated for online consulting a week (I know crazy right!), so I’m working on some downloadable health guides and webinars at the moment. First up will be Starting Solids, a healthy guide to feeding your baby and starting a lifelong love of wholefoods. There are few more guides in the works around Children’s Health, Skin, Immune and Digestion. Stay tuned. 


Prioritise Yourself 

I have a few self-care activities in every week that are non negotiable. I do at least one Pilates or yoga class per week and one-two nature walks. And on the very rare occasion that I have spare time, I go to Nimbus and Co for an infrared sauna.  


Spend Time With The People You Enjoy 

I think it’s so important to spend quality time with the people who make you fell happy, stimulated and are motivating. Saturday night is date night. Yes, I enjoy spending time with my husband, even after nearly 10 years! I occasionally catch up with my good friends, who usually run a busier schedule than me and I see my sister every week at least for an hour.