Our resident nutritionist, Brittany Darling speaks to international model Cassie Matthews in the lead up to her Thailand destination wedding. She spills the goss on how she stays in shape, keeps her hair looking natural, shiny and healthy and how she manages the stress of work, travel and planning a wedding.

BD: Obviously, you’re absolutely gorgeous but is there anything you are working on beauty wise in the lead up to you wedding?

CM: Yes, definitely! I really want to grow my hair and nails, and I really want to have healthy, glowing skin for the big day (don’t we all! Haha).

BD: What is your pre wedding skin care routine? What products are you using?

CM: I cleanse my face every day with Cetaphil, because it’s so gentle on my skin and keeps it clear – it was the only thing my dermatologist recommended. I use Environ eye cream, serum and moisturizer – these products are amazing and really work. They were developed by a South African doctor who discovered that high doses of Vitamin A were extremely beneficial for the skin. I exfoliate twice to three times a week with Environ exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. At the end of each day if I have been wearing makeup, especially after a shoot, I make sure I double cleanse with Nude oil cleanser from Mecca before my normal routine. I’m also getting a facial once a month at the moment – one of my favorites is Isabelle Almeida in Double Bay, her Oxygen facial is awesome.

BD: What supplements are you taking to be wedding ready?

CM: In my breakfast smoothie, I add in Green Boost Organic Powder and Prana Protein Powder for general health and an extra nutrient boost. I take a multivitamin by Fusion to make sure I fill in any gaps in my diet, as well as Probiotic 8, Fish Oil, Hair Skin & Nails, Vitamin C & Vitamin E (All by Fusion) and Bioceuticals Astaxanthin (a powerful antioxidant), to support healthy hair, skin & nails. I’m also taking Vida Glow for this, I love the blueberry flavour. I get all my supplements from FIT Nutrition Fix in Bondi Junction – they have the best range of supplements and really know their stuff!

BD: How do you keep you body in shape and fitness level up, especially while travelling?

CM: When I’m in Sydney, I go for walks in the park by my house and do my own workouts in the gym in my building. I love fitness and am always trying new things. At the moment I’m especially loving boxing, it’s so much fun, gets you super fit, and you really feel like a badass throwing all those punches! I’ve been training with Nikki Snow in Rushcutters Park. My favourite class to take is Physicore in Sydney. They teach the Lagree method, which is like pilates on steroids. I find it the most effective workout ever because it burns fat like crazy and sculpts your body without any bulk. I occasionally practice yoga at Power Living to get a good stretch and clear my mind. I love staying fit while I travel because I find it helps me with energy levels and keeps me sane! It can be tricky when you’re fighting jetlag and in and out of different environments and hotel rooms, so I’ve learnt little tricks over time that help me to keep up my routine while on the road. I usually do a quick Google before hand to suss out where the gyms or fitness studios are in the area when I’m away, which is also cool for just trying something new. I pack a skipping rope and some gliding discs so I can workout no matter where I am, even in a hotel room – no excuses haha!

BD: Splitting your time between Sydney, New York and LA, what are your fitness go-to in each city?

CM: In New York, my go-tos are SLT and Aerospace. SLT is an awesome studio that also teaches the Lagree method. I do this for toning and fat burning. Aerospace is a super cool fitness studio owned by ex-champion boxer Michael Olajide. He does one-on-one boxing training sessions, and also puts on epic group classes where he really puts you through your paces with cardio and skipping. It’s an amazing workout, I do this in conjunction with SLT for a good all-round fitness routine. Other awesome fitness studios there are Soul Cycle, Equinox Gym, Gotham Gym & ModelFit.

In LA, there are so many great hikes to do and the weather is always so nice, so I do that a lot. My favourites are Runyon Canyon and Griffith Observatory Park. I also love Pilates Platinum & LaGree Fitness for classes.

BD: You mentioned you want to grow your hair a few more inches, how are you looking after your hair and getting it to grow?

CM: Sheree Knobel at Bixie Colour takes care of my hair with regular treatments and cuts, and also maintaining my colour with minimal damage. I love her, she’s amazing and great with blondes. That, and taking my vitamins & Vida Glow, using R&Co shampoo & conditioner, Oribe heat protecting treatment (super important for heat styling on shoots), and an at-home Olaplex treatment once a week will hopefully see it grow a little!

BD: Nails. Natural, nude or a colour for the wedding?

CM: I’m thinking nude.

BD: You seem very relaxed considering your recent back to back trips for work and organising a wedding. What are your tips for staying de-stressed and in control?

CM: The way I see it, a wedding is supposed to be one of the most happy and exciting days of your life, so being stressed about something so beautiful will only put a damper on the experience. I think it also helps that we are only having a small wedding of immediate family and best friends, and going overseas to have the ceremony on a beautiful beach in Phuket, so it’s like one big holiday with the people we love in a stunning place. I think putting too much expectation and pressure on the day will only create stress and disappointment – I’d rather enjoy every minute of the planning and just being with my fiancé in the present moment, and appreciate the wedding day as just another fun day with him. The wedding is an amazing occasion, but the real thing to celebrate is the relationship. I can definitely thank my daily meditation practice for helping me with clarity and stress management in daily life. Gary Gorrow taught us Transcedental Meditation over a weekend and since then I’ve been practicing this twice a day. It’s life changing!

BD: Is your dress an international designer or Australian?

CM: Both! I’m having a ceremony and reception dress both designed by Australian-turned-International designers Pallas Couture.

BD: How did you come to choose your dress? Did you always have something in mind?

CM: I chose Pallas because they have such feminine, sensual designs, with beautiful lace and embellishments. So pretty! All I knew before I started looking was that I didn’t want anything too over the top with too much material, I wanted something that I felt comfortable, relaxed and feminine in, but also with a bit of sparkle or detail to be a little special, because all the wedding guests are wearing white. Once I saw their designs I thought, ‘that’s it, that’s the dress!’ and had that ‘a-hah’ moment. And for the reception I have a slinky little dress made too so I can let my hair down – why not!

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