Bridal Nutrition Survival Guide

Brittany Darling is Vida Glow’s Resident Nutritionist

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Twelve to Six Months Before

Set goals and be realistic about what you want to get out of your pre wedding health overhaul. Is it weight loss (I recommend using a Body Mass Index Calculator to work out your ideal weight), decreased bloating, or to have clearer skin? I also encourage people to think about whether they plan on jumping into the baby making band wagon right away. If so, prenatal vitamins and healthy eating should absolutely be part of the protocol as well as hormone modulation if needed.

While a fad diet might seem like the easiest option, there are a few things I’d like to point out. (1) Low carbohydrate diets can affect some women’s hormones especially mood AKA bridezilla (2) You want to have a healthy eating plan you can stick to for the next six to twelve months even though times of stress (3) Low fat is not the best option for reproductive health as all your sex and steroid hormones require cholesterol.

The healthiest way to eat pre wedding to optimise weight, decrease bloating, support the growth of hair, skin and nails and boost fertility is a diet rich in Mediterranean style high plant based foods. Plentiful amounts of low starch vegetables, low sugar fruits, legumes, adequate amounts of low mercury fish, grass fed meats and poultry and lots of health fats from grass fed butter, olive oil and coconut oil are beneficial. All the usual suspects including sugar, excess alcohol, refined flours, yeasts, excessive dairy and processed foods should be avoided. You may like to consult a nutritionist to formulate a specific nutrition plan for your requirements and goals. They will also be able to keep you motivated and make recommendations on supplements which can speed up the process.

The Final Three Months

Hopefully you would have seen results by now. If not, you still have time to knuckle down. If you are wanting to lose weight , keep an eye on calorie intake and be wary of emotional eating. You are likely doing tastings of wedding menus as well. It’s important to not double up on meals during the menu tasting. Also keep the wine tastings to just that, a few sips just to try if you are really wanting to see results by the wedding.

The Hens

After months of healthy eating, you don’t want to undo all your hard work at your hens. Speak to your bridesmaids and let them know your health intentions. I’ve compiled a list of ideas for a healthier hens below.

Healthy Hens Ideas

  • Health retreat
  • Spa weekend or treatments such as facials, massages and manicures etc
  • Outdoor experiences such as hiking, beach walks, surfing lessons or diving.
  • Opt for healthy dining experiences such as Japanese or a fresh seafood option
  • Don’t start too early. The last thing you want is to start drinking early and not make it through the day. I recommend only having a few drinks in the afternoon or ideally only with dinner. Don’t forget, if you haven’t been drinking your alcohol tolerance will be lower.

Two Weeks Before

You’re almost there! This is a time to really focus on decreasing bloating. Hopefully by now you would have identified the foods that don’t agree with you. I find a lot of people have problems with foods that contain gluten, yeasts and cows milk. Other foods to avoid to reduce bloating include carbonate drinks, sugars, salt and alcohol. Herbal teas such as chamomile, peppermint, fennel are all fantastic for improving digestion and decreasing bloating. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water on rising can also help.

Your Wedding Day

No doubt the careful planning has gone into your big day. One thing that most brides forget is food for themselves before the wedding and run out of time to eat at the reception. This can be disastrous when you add alcohol into the picture. It’s so important to make sure that you have lots of healthy snacks for yourself that can be eaten after hair and make up is done. I recommend nuts, apple pieces, beef jerky, natural yogurt or a homemade protein shake. Adding a Vida Glow flavoured collagen sachet to your water will help keep you hydrated and your taste buds satisfied. It’s very important to have a good breakfast to get you through most of the day. Eggs with spinach, avocado and tomato or a low sugar bircher muesli are both good options.

Congratulations and please feel free to reach out if you need any additional support. Email me

Brit xx


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