Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen Flavours give you the additional benefit of added nutrients, including antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. But which delicious natural flavour should you choose? 

All fruit flavours contain naturally occurring antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the skin from damage by free radicals. Free radicals damage proteins, lipids and DNA, leading to premature ageing of the skin. Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C, betacarotene and vitamin E, neutralise the effects of free radicals. The body cannot make these nutrients so they must be supplied through the diet or supplemented. Antioxidants work synergistically so a combination of natural sources rather than synthetic vitamins is preferable.

As well as being an antioxidant, vitamins C is also essential for supporting the bodies natural production of collagen. All Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen Flavours contain vitamin C from the natural fruit powders.

Vida Glow’s pineapple flavoured marine collagen is a source of bromelian. Bromelain is an enzyme naturally found in pineapples. It is anti inflammatory nutrient and assists in reducing inflammation and swelling as well as acting as a digestive enzyme.

Mango is a highly nutrient dense fruit. Vida Glow’s mango flavoured marine collagen may help clear congestion in the skin by increasing blood flow to the skin and supporting mucous membranes in the skin, making it ideal for people with blackheads and enlarged pores.

Vida Glow’s Peach Flavoured Marine Collagen contains betacarotene. Betacarotene can be converted in the body to vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential preventing the breakdown of collagen in the skin and protecting the skin from sun damage by ultra violet rays. Peaches are also a source of phenols, a type of antioxidant that help prevent ageing by reducing oxidative stress.

The Blueberry Marine Collagen Flavour is packed full of antioxidants. Anthocyanins, responsible for the colour pigment of blueberries have anti viral, anti cancer and anti inflammatory properties. The phenols also help to reduce oxidative stress in the body.