How To Stay Focused

by Kate Kendall

Kate is the Co -Founder and Director at Flow Athletic 

Yoga "Expert" for Body & Soul Magazine

Check our her website or view her Instagram @activeyogi

So you’ve got ambitions, goals and big dreams you’re chasing.

You’ve got your eye on the prize and you’re determined to make things happen…

That is until some distraction comes along and throws you off the wagon.

A ‘good time’; the fridge, limiting self beliefs, Nay-Sayers and fatigue. These are all common diversions. 

Truthbomb? All that I know to be true, when we decide to be brave and go after what we want, is that there will be set backs, failures and distractions.

Do you think that Richard Branson feels focused all of the time?

Does Oprah feels motivated and inspired every single day?

I highly doubt it. But successful people have rituals, tricks and routines that keep them on track most of the time and that keeps them resilient to the set backs and falls.

Here are some that can help.

1. Make time for Stillness. Just five minutes a day focusing on the sound and rhythm of your breath can boost clarity, productivity and focus. 

2. Get clear on the feeling. So you’ve got the big goal. Great. You’re way more likely to hit it if you know how you want to feel when you get there. For example, if the goal is to save enough money to go on a yoga retreat and feel peace, try and create as many touch points in your day to cultivate the feeling of peace. Like attracts like. 

3. Think clean. And not just your diet. What about keeping your thoughts clean? Your thoughts create your life. Ask yourself this question throughout the day, “This thought that I’m having right now - what’s it doing to my body and is it sabotaging me from achieving my overall goal?”

 4. Move. Every day. Make time for training. Every day. And plan them at the start of the week, slotting them into the diary as non-negotiable. Just 20 minutes of movement will keep you alert and more focused.

 5. Emergency Pick-Me-Ups Feeling your focus and motivation dissolve? A good way to bring you back is to tap into some of the things that light you up and cheer you on; An inspiring TED talk, a swim in the ocean, calling a buddy who gives you a good belly laugh.

 6. Milk the Lazy Days Finally, if you’re just flat out tired, stressed and lacking any kind of motivation at all – it’s generally an indication you need the rest. Put your feet up, read a good book, grab a cup of tea and just accept it. Get back up tomorrow.