Easter, known by all of us as a time of mass chocolate consumption. A time when almost everything on the supermarket shelves is wrapped in beautiful coloured foil with our favourite guilty pleasure inside. The classic line we all say ‘I’ll just have one piece’ leads to a whole chocolate egg eaten, another already half opened in the fridge and the voice we all hear in our heads ‘I shouldn’t have done that’.

Inspired by Vida Glow’s Beauty Cleanse Powder, April is all about cleansing so we can reset our bodies, detox all the nasties that Easter has brought to look forward to a happier and healthier YOU!

Every day our body comes into contact with a cocktail of toxic substances which can harm our bodies internally and externally. Even though our body is constantly working to remove these toxic substances from our system, without having healthy organs of detoxification (including your liver, kidneys, small intestine, large intestine and lower bowel) we may not be able to remove these toxins as effectively as possible.

It is hard to know sometimes when we need to cleanse or why we need to cleanse. Our bodies, however, are very clever in giving us a few hints and telltale signs that we need some TLC.

5 signs your body is in need of a cleanse

1) Skin Problems

Toxins are eliminated through our skin and can cause it to become irritated resulting in breakouts, acne, Psoriasis and Eczema flare-ups.

2) Feeling Tired or Sluggish?

When our liver is working harder than it should to eliminate toxins from our system it will cause us to feel tired. As our liver is the largest organ in our body it is essential that we look after this on a regular basis.

3) Troubles Losing Weight

A healthy liver is imperative to long-term health and maintaining a healthy body weight. The liver is the main organ responsible for fat-burning and must be cleansed for it to operate effectively. When our liver is clogged with toxins it can refrain us from losing weight.

4) Lack of Concentration

When our organs are working hard to eliminate toxins from our body, it can make us feel tired and lack concentration. Our organs need to be as healthy as possible to perform at their best so toxins can be eliminated quickly and efficiently.

5) Gas, Bloating and Constipation

Bloating and gassiness of the digestive system are most often caused by the foods we eat causing acid build up in our stomachs and intestines.

Beauty Cleanse aids in detoxification

Our Beauty Cleanse has been specifically designed to support cleansing so that our organs can work at their ultimate best to rid the toxins that affect us internally and externally. With active ingredients including Milk Thistle, Ceylon and Tumeric that help to detoxify and antioxidants to fight free radicals from the body, the better we look after our organs in cleansing, the more effective our cleanse will be!

Benefits of cleansing

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