Mindful Eating

Mindless Eating is consuming food just because it’s there. It’s eating while distracted – watching TV, working at the computer, texting, or on social media. It’s eating or drinking because we are socialising and eating for emotional comfort instead of hunger. It’s simply not being aware of what we are putting into our mouths. 

When we become aware of what we are eating, we can make small changes that make a big difference. Being aware – or Mindful Eating - doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy those delicious treats. What it does mean is that we can enjoy them even more. Mindful eating is really chewing and tasting our food to notice the flavours, relish and appreciate them. This applies to that first crisp glass of champagne and the wine or beer that perfectly compliments our meal.

Here are some helpful tips to Mindful Eating and Drinking:

  1. Slow Down – Try and enjoy each bite and place your fork down while chewing. Take a small sip between every new bite. This gives your body enough time to trigger your brain that you are satisfied, and not full.  
  2. Control Portions – Always know that you’ll have more opportunities to eat and savour those delicious snacks and desserts. Choose not to deprive yourself, but to eat smaller portions – before you go back for seconds ask yourself “ Am I really hungry?” “Will this next portion make me feel better?”
  3. Eat when you’re hungry – just because it’s lunchtime on the clock it doesn’t mean you have to eat. It’s ok to say no, remember that you are always in control of you. Listen to your body, if everyone is sitting down for lunch notice if you are hungry, make a mental ‘note to self’ every time you sit down for meal and channel in. This will help you to eat to the amount that your body needs, rather than eating with your eyes or just because the food is available.
  4. Eat Smart - Make something tasty and healthy, bliss balls are a great example. Include a fruit platter with the cheese platter. Eat the delicious homemade cake, not the packaged chocolate bought from the super market. 
  5. Hydrate – All too often we mistake hunger for thirst. Don’t forget to keep drinking your 1.5 – 2L a day in water. Have a glass of water between drinks; alcohol is powerful in dehydrating us. 
  6. Sit Down – Pay attention of where and when you are eating. Make it a goal to eat sitting down at the table. Not in front of the TV, whilst standing in the kitchen picking at things or when talking on the phone.
  7. Pour yourself half as much – This will significantly reduce your alcohol intake.
  8. Sip Slowly – Don’t just eat mindfully but also drink mindfully. Take time to enjoy that glass of wine.
  9. Avoid High Calorie Mixed Drinks – This is a really helpful tip, and will ensure you’re not packing on the extra calories. Replace these type of drinks with water. If you don't like drinking water try adding a sachet of Vida Glow Marine Collagen range to add a slight fruity taste to your water or teas.
  10. Have Some “YOU” Time – Go for a walk, listen to your favourite music, enjoy a cup of tea alone, start reading that book, write down some resolutions.