Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey for Vida Glow. Your feedback and comments are much appreciated and help us to continue to improve and grow as a business. 

Our priority is to supply the highest quality marine collagen supplements available, because we believe wholeheartedly in the amazing benefits of collagen supplementation, not only for hair, skin and nails, but for our bodies as a whole.

Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction, keeping our customers happy and therefore gaining a repeat and loyal customer base.

We were overwhelmed with the huge response we received via our survey, there were so many customers receiving visible results and genuinely thrilled with our products. 

Nothing makes us happier!

We’ve also taken on board your feedback on what we can improve on. You’ve spoken and we’ve listened! So in order to honour your requests we’ve made some changes.


The quality of Vida Glow marine collagen and Beauty Blend have not been compromised. We are offering exactly the same product at this new price. Offering exceptional quality is Vida Glow’s priority.


Another exciting change we’ve made is to our MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION option.

The MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION offer sends automatic delivery of your Vida Glow choice every month. This option has allowed our customers to receive a bonus 10% for subscribing.

We’ve now changed our offer to 10% off the new and improved price of any Vida Glow product that you sign up to receive every month.

When you order through our MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION program, you’ll:

  • Automatically receive a new shipment of your chosen Vida Glow product in monthly intervals
  • Receive a 10% discount off the new improved price listed above
  • Be charged monthly automatically, no time wasted on repurchasing
  • Receive FREE shipping on all orders of two or more products
  • Be able to change your flavour/order at anytime via “manage your subscription”
  • Automatically receive Vida Glow’s weekly emails with healthy tips, new eBooks, expert contributions and be the ‘first to know’ about the latest offers.
  • Have the option to cancel after 2 months

* Please note there is a minimum 2 months’ obligation with Monthly Subscription offer

The new Monthly Subscription prices are:

Our existing subscribers will also benefit from this pricing change.



Vida Glow has an exciting new range of product lines being launched in late 2016.

Top Secret so #staytuned #watchthisspace


Finally, we’d like to thank you all once again for the amazing and overwhelming support we’ve received from our customers.

If you have any questions about these changes, or anything at all, please email us at:

The Vida Glow Team